Foam for styling hair Among the variety of modern tools foreven the most sophisticated customer will be lost. Wax-jelly, gel-spray, matting paste - most girls do not even guess what they are intended for, how to use them. Styling cosmetics in your understanding should be universal, so that it can be used "complete" with a hair dryer, forceps and hair curlers? Then the foam for styling - this is exactly what you need!

Mousse and penka: twins or cousins?

The packing foam is a bubblea homogeneous mass packed under pressure into a special aluminum or plastic tube. To use it for hair styling, you need to shake the vial, turn it over and squeeze the right amount of the product into the palm of your hand. A mousse is called the same foam, in the composition of which there are no any flavors. In fact, the difference is only in the allergy of the product - fragrances used in the manufacture of ordinary foam, can cause an asthmatic attack and Quincke's edema. However, if you do not have such problems with health, for you these funds have no fundamental differences.

How not to make a mistake when choosing?

Select the foam or mousse for styling needed, based onfrom the type, length and structure of the hair. Cope with a heavy mop of long curls will be funds with an extra level of fixation. For a short haircut and thin hair, a light or medium fixer is sufficient. If the skin of your head regularly gives you inconveniences due to excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, make a choice in favor of a product with a fat-free composition. Dry hair experiences real stress when laying with a hair dryer or a styler - pick mousse with moisturizing ingredients. To maintain the brightness of the color of the painted curls, a foam with a UV filter and a pigment protection system will help for a long time. mousse for styling hair

Technique of styling hair

Initially, hair foam was usedonly to add extra volume. If you want to achieve this effect, you will need a round "skeletal" comb and a hair dryer with a diffuser. Wash your head, always using an air conditioner or a balm rinse. Blot the hair with a towel and apply styling foam or mousse on them (for short, the amount of a walnut-sized substance is sufficient, for long ones, with an orange). Overdo it - they will stick together, and you will have to run to the bathroom again. Gently distribute the composition along the entire length of the hands or a wooden comb with sparse teeth. It remains only to lay the hair, winding them on the brush and substituting under the air jet. Dense shocks for your own convenience and time savings can be divided into sectors with the help of hairdresser clips. To bend the ends of the strands, treat them with a stream of hot air, combing with a brush at the desired angle. To wind hair on curlers, it is enough to use foam to form curls. To get small curls, use a hair clip. "Hollywood Wave" can be achieved by winding curls on "hedgehogs" or boomerangs. On wet hair, apply mousse to lay the curls. Divide the hair on the large strands and curl each of them separately - moving from the tips to the roots. At the end of this procedure, dry your head with a hairdryer (if you think that the thermal effect causes irreparable harm to the hair - leave the curlers overnight). After they dry, comb your curly mane with your fingers. For fine hair, additionally use a varnish as a fixer. Straighten curls can be, using a thermal protection smoothing mousse. Prepare them for styling - distribute to the clean hair the right amount of foam. After drying them with a hair dryer, divide the entire hair into small strands with hairpins or clips. Move from the temporal region to the occiput, paying special attention to the undulating areas. Comb your hair with a flat brush and sprinkle with a moisturizing agent. means for styling fine hair

The best solution: quality hair styling products

Bio-Foam for hair styling Volume And ShineStyling Mousse Extra Strong Hold has excellent nutritional and moisturizing properties. This means of strong fixation can be used even for thin and weakened strands. The extract from aloe and green tea deeply penetrates into the structure of the hair, "supplying" its core with all necessary vitamins and microelements for normal development. Hops and rice decoction "smooth" the keratin scales, due to what Volume And Shine Styling Mousse Extra Strong Hold prepares the hair for straightening. Pleasant bonus from the manufacturer - to style your hair you will, enjoying the aroma of valuable essential oils, used instead of podnadoevshih perfume fragrances. Dry and damaged hair need special care. Such hair is distinguished by special disobedience during laying - when contacting with hot plates "ironing" and hot air flow they start to crumble and glue, no matter what mousse you used for fixing. The use of funds with an "iron grip" in no way affects such a deplorable result. Before laying your hair, apply to the wet strands of Energy Mousse from Dikson. At 50% this mousse consists of a substance similar in composition to the liquid brain substance of the human hair. It fills the pores damaged by regular staining and improper care. "Smooth" hair is easier to comb, it fits easily and perfectly shines. Panthenol as part of the remedy will be an excellent prophylaxis for increased loss. Mousse-care for fine hair Instant Bodifier Redken has a light texture, which makes it very economical to use. Its main purpose is to take care of the hairdo during hairdoing. Proteins of soybean help to create an additional volume, and cotton fibers prevent overdrying. With regular use Instant Bodifier heals the hair bulb and dermis. The best tool for shaping and laying curls is Wella Wellaflex "Curls and curls". In a duet with a styler, it allows you to form an ideally tight curl without damaging your hair. Mousse can be supplemented with varnish and fixing liquid from the same collection. Nevertheless, when choosing foam with medical components, do not expect that it will replace the full-fledged hair care. They will always look good and easy to lay down if you constantly use properly selected shampoos and conditioners. We advise you to read: