If trouble overtook your home One of the main tasks in modern medicine -recovery after a stroke. The main actions in recovery are the timely onset, systematic and duration of the treatment. Disorder of blood circulation in the brain leads to the formation of a pathological focus in it. The nucleus of the focus is the dead nerve cells, and the cells coming from it are in a state of reduced activity or complete inhibition. To restore their activity will help timely begun treatment measures. Recovery should begin in the first month after the stroke, that is, during the stay of the patient in the hospital. For neurorehabilitation you can contact us at . Recovery also depends onpsychological mood of the patient - optimism and the desire to achieve the goal are helping to cope with the disease. After the patient is discharged, the rehabilitation should not be stopped, the doctor should be rehabilitated or the neurologist should coordinate the treatment. Rehabilitation includes medical treatment, according to the indications of the doctor, active non-medicamentous treatment is physical therapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, massage. And also teaching the patient lost in connection with the disease skills. Speech and motor disorders of restorative treatment are best suited in the first months. After a micro stroke, all functions are usually restored within a month. Correctly organized and timely begun recovery of the patient after a stroke contributes to the return of health, a full life and reduces the risk of relapse.