delicious pancakes with holes To feel like a skillful hostess, whether youa large mother who spends most of her time in the kitchen, or a young girl who is just beginning to learn culinary wisdom, you need to learn how to prepare pancakes with holes. In order to make pancakes turned thin, delicate, in a shallow hole, you can find a lot of recipes, and, if properly used, the result will definitely please you. It takes a little time to make a pancake dough, but it takes at least two hours to bake flavorful and delicious pancakes if you want to feed a few people, so it's necessary to engage in this exciting activity, for example, on a Saturday morning. Read the recipes in advance, make sure there are a lot of them, and stop at the most interesting from your point of view. Take, for example, a recipe for early-ripening pancakes on milk and yogurt. Ingredients are the most usual, and, perhaps, all are present in the standard set of constantly available products in any kitchen. On a day off, when all members of your family are watching morning dreams, get up early and go into the kitchen with good spirits. ingredients for pancakes with holes

Required ingredients

You should check the recipe setcomponents, namely: 0.5 liters of fresh or one-day kefir, drinking soda at least 1 teaspoon, two chicken eggs, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and 300 ml of milk. Mix kefir with soda and, consistently, thoroughly mixing, add the rest of the ingredients, except milk. We put a saucepan of milk on the stove and bring it to a boil, remove it with a thin stream, while stirring the dough, pour in. Provided that you have done everything without breaking the recipe, you will get a smooth, necessary consistency, easily spreading the dough for thin pancakes. One of the important conditions for your pancakes to turn out is the use of a quality frying pan. Best if it's cast-iron utensils. Frying pan on the stove and proceed to baking, distributing the dough evenly throughout the bottom. We bring the pancake to a golden color and turn over, picking up a thin shovel. After the pancakes are fried on both sides, they can be stacked, smeared with butter, or stuffed to your taste. For the filling you can use smoked or salted fish, minced meat, of course, pre-fried with onions, cottage cheese or something else at will. In addition, pancakes can be rolled into a tube and dipped in condensed milk, honey or sour cream, washed down with scented tea. recipe for delicious pancakes

There are no limits to perfection

You are so carried away by making pancakes, which is notHave you noticed how members of your family woke up from the delicious flavors that had spread from the kitchen? So, quickly set the table and wish everyone a pleasant appetite, taking the well-deserved gratitude of loved ones. After your well-fed and contented households will disperse on their business, you, inspired by success, pay attention to other recipes for making delicious pancakes, for example, from yeast dough. Purchase 20 g of yeast and stir them in a glass of warm boiled water, and then, slowly, enter them into 250 g of flour, previously sifted and mixed with 1 tablespoon of sugar. Put the container in a warm place and, allowing the test to increase 2-3 times, in comparison with the original volume, stir, adding 3 fresh eggs, 0.5 teaspoons of salt, 1 tablespoon with a sugar cane and 500 ml of hot milk. The dough should be thoroughly, until uniform, mixed. After which it can be baked, preheating the frying pan and lubricating it with vegetable oil. Pancakes will turn out magnificent and with holes, and your culinary skill will receive an excellent estimation of relatives.