lean fritters Pancake fritters from courgettes are a tender and juicy dish, loved not only by adults, but also by children. They contain few calories, are tasty and nutritious, they are easy and quick to cook.

Ingredients for zucchini from courgettes

To prepare them you will need zucchini, flour,salt, sugar, spices, seasoning, sunflower or olive oil. They can also include: onion, garlic, carrots, dill, parsley, celery. All these ingredients are added to taste and depending on preferences. In the absence of fresh herbs, you can use a mixture of dried spices: basil, parsley, dill. cooking zucchini pancakes

Preparation and preparation process

Zucchini should be washed with warm water and thoroughlyto clean, with a knife to separate a firm layer of a skin from a vegetable marrow. Cut it along into two halves and remove the seeds. After grate it on a grater or cut into small pieces and grind in a blender. The base of the zucchini, cooked on a grater, will be more juicy, and blender-more tender. To it is added salt, spices or a prepared seasoning. All these ingredients are added in small amounts to give the flavor and unique taste. For sweet tooth, you can prepare a sweet version of pancakes, adding sugar. Also it is necessary to add a little flour, so that the fritters do not fall apart. On average, 1 kg of zucchini needs from 5 tablespoons to 1 cup of flour. All the ingredients must be mixed thoroughly or blended with a blender. On the heated frying pan add oil, sunflower or olive, just a little to cover the bottom. Depending on the type and type of frying pan, you can both add oil, and do not use it at all. Fritters on vegetable oil will acquire a beautiful golden crust. After the heated frying pan was oiled, you can spread on it a prepared mixture of zucchini. Pancakes are poured into a frying pan with a special scoop or spoon, so that there are gaps between them up to 5 mm. This will make it easier for them to turn them over to the other side with a wooden or plastic spatula. When a mixture of zucchini in the form of circles poured into a pan, you can make a fire for 30-40 seconds more, so that the pancakes are browned and crusted, and then turn them over, cover the frying pan with a lid, make a smaller fire and fry until fully cooked for several minutes. After the pancakes from the courgettes are ready, they are neatly laid out on the dish with a pyramid, that is, first fill the bottom of the dish and gradually lay several layers up. Then grind pre-cooked greens, it can be dill, parsley, green onions, basil, coriander, and sprinkle her pancakes from courgettes. After that, the dish is considered ready, and it is served on the table. A perfect addition to the dish will be sour cream or sour milk. Now you can enjoy the results of your work and make your loved ones happy with a wonderful lean dish. different recipes of lean fritters

Alternative options

To the ready mix of zucchini add:

  • Shredded with a blender or grater carrots, pre-washed it and cleaned. Carrots will give orange fritters color and sweetness.
  • rubbed a pumpkin in small proportions, it will add to the fritters good;
  • crushed with eggplant blender, which will add originality and satiety to the dish;
  • grated on a fine grater raw potatoes, the starch contained in it when frying will give fritters an aromatic golden crust
  • Such vegetable lean fritters will appeal not only to vegetarians, but also to gourmets.