squash pancake Pancakes on our table, in particular, squash,has long been a favorite and familiar dish. Zucchini refers to vegetables, which appeared on European tables only in the 16th century, becoming a desired, often used product from now on. Now different types and varieties are freely bought in the market or in the store. At zucchini pleasant, slightly unleavened taste, tender flesh, it is a useful and tasty product.

Useful properties of zucchini

Zucchini are a low-calorie dietarya product that reduces hunger, contains a lot of fiber, potassium, phosphorus and vitamins (C and B). They are easy to grow, including in their own garden, and keep during the winter period with an almost unchanged composition of nutrients. Prepare from them a lot of a variety of delicious and healthy dishes. Zucchini is widely used in Russian and other Slavic cuisines, used in the diet of European peoples. Popular dishes from zucchini are always very easy to prepare, while they are tasty, and their nutritional content is easily changed by adding different products. Vegetables can be consumed while observing diets of various types, including medical indicators, or it is possible to prepare meals for them from ordinary nutrition. With the use of these great products, any food becomes healthy and tasty. For cooking, it is good to choose young zucchini, the delicate skin of which has a lot of useful substances, so it should not be cleaned. But if the fruits are old and the skin is rough, then, of course, they are cleaned from the outside and seeds are removed from the inside. Recipes zucchini pancakes can contain, in addition to flour and eggs, additives from other vegetables, as well as herbs, spices, minced meat, cheese, cottage cheese, cheese, milk, mushrooms, cereals, fruits and sugar. So, you can use them as basic, dense and high-calorie dishes, as well as a side dish, snacks and dessert. pancakes with cottage cheese and zucchini

What are good zucchini muffins

On the preparation of zucchini pancakesIt is spent a little, and daily used accessories for kitchen are used. This wonderful dish can be obtained by frying pancakes in a frying pan or baking them in the oven, although they cook for a couple, and using a modern microwave oven. Any way of making pancakes takes a little time, but the dish always works. It is noteworthy that hot and warm and cold pancakes are very tasty. Quite unexpected ingredient in squash is cottage cheese, which itself is a valuable product. It is also used in the summer version, when it is good to eat light food at the same time, while containing protein, and if you need dishes with high calcium content - in baby food and during fasting. And those who do not want to get better, you can cook pancakes without flour, replacing it with a couple of spoons of wheat bran. In the technology of preparation of pancakes from courgettes with curd, there are some rules common to all recipes:

  • Very young (milk) fruits give juice much more than large, so the excess liquid is squeezed or added more other products.
  • Spread the dough with a tablespoon so that the pancakes are not very thick and large.
  • Bake pancakes on a well-heated (preferably cast iron) frying pan to avoid sticking and get a ruddy crust.

simple pancake recipe

Fritters simple

Cottage cheese and squash pancakes are prepared using bothyou can more simple recipes. In this way, any hostess, even beginners, can feed the household with breakfast, a mid-morning snack or a light dinner, without delaying his cooking. Ingredients involved in the recipe for pancakes are available all year round, and the time spent on cooking will not be more than 20 minutes. Collect on the table you need these products:

  • A packet (200 g) of cottage cheese, and for dietary meals one can take fat-free;
  • 2 squash (small);
  • 2 eggs;
  • 5 tbsp. l. flour;
  • a bunch of parsley (dill);
  • sunflower or olive oil;
  • a little salt.

From the dishes you need a bowl for dough, a plate, a tablespoon, a knife, an egg whisker, a grater, a frying pan. Now we need:

  • Vegetables wash well, dry and dry in a bowl on a large grater. Juice should not turn out much (because the grater is large), but it is better to merge it all the same.
  • Cut the greens finely and add to the dishes with courgettes, leaving a little for sprinkling.
  • In a separate plate, the eggs can be whipped with a hand-whisk (the mixer will be even more magnificent and quicker), add salt and pour into a bowl.
  • Sift the flour, add it and pre-mixed cottage cheese into the dough. It should be thick enough not to spread out when baking. Now you need to mix everything as it should.
  • Put the frying pan on the fire, warm well and pour on it 3 tbsp. l. oil. Put the resulting dough in small portions and cover with a lid for a better roast.
  • When the bottom is brown enough, carefully, soas a dough very gentle, turn each product with a knife. Bring to the preparedness and in turn to remove the fritters, laying them on a dish with paper napkins to soak up excess oil. Now you can sprinkle them with herbs and serve them to the table.
  • Such pancakes are also cooked in the oven, baking them ongreased with oil and sprinkled with flour baking sheet for 20 minutes, turning in the middle of baking to the other side. This simple recipe, given the availability of products, can be slightly modified. You can use 3 eggs, then the curd component is reduced to 100 g, and the fritters will be slightly denser. They, by the way, are perfectly combined with sour cream, which can be used at will. zucchini pancakes with onions and zucchini

    Add onions and garlic

    Not all (especially children) like food withadded to it onions, but it is useful, very decorates the taste of the dish and gives it extra satiety. In the dough for zucchini-cottage cheese pancakes, it is better to add pre-grated and fried onions. Then his taste will become more delicate and the baking will turn out with a "cheese" taste. For cooking you need:

    • a couple of small zucchini;
    • 1 onion;
    • 200 g of cottage cheese (tutu);
    • 2 eggs;
    • 6 tbsp. l. flour;
    • refined sunflower oil;
    • a bunch of fresh parsley;
    • 1 g ground pepper.

    Prepare this way:

  • Rub the onion on a fine grater, squeeze the juice, then fry in vegetable oil until golden brown.
  • While the onions are fried, on the same grater they rub vegetables, lightly squeeze and add them to a pan with onions, continuing to fry for another couple of minutes.
  • While the mixture cools, chop parsley finely. Now the mixture is combined with eggs and mixed, gradually adding grated curd mass, greens, flour, salt, pepper.
  • Next, the dough is spread out onto a heated frying pan in the form of small lozenges, which are fried for 3 minutes on both sides.
  • Now hot pancakes can be put on the table. They are good with unsweetened yogurt, and with sour cream. This recipe can have another option, if you use it not onions, but garlic. Squash can be grated more on a large grater (or cut into small pieces), letting stand with salt 10 minutes before squeezing. Then add 5 denticles of the young or 2 cloves of old garlic, pre-rastered. When frying garlic will lose excessive smell and burning and give the product a slight spicy sharpness. You can add a couple of spoons of bran to remove slag from the body. Many men, and women, will appreciate such a hearty snack (with mayonnaise or sour cream) or garnish. Those who do not eat fried, you can treat the same pancakes, only baked in the oven.

    Pancakes with pancakes

    Such fritters can be served for breakfast,serving them for tea, coffee, juice. They turn out lush, nourishing and tasty. Curd flavor here is weakly expressed, and the vegetable marrow is practically not felt. Such a "snack" you can treat and children, especially if they are not hunters to vegetables. Have to take:

    • 1 large vegetable marrow;
    • 250 g cottage cheese;
    • 3 eggs;
    • 3 tbsp. l. Sahara;
    • 6 tbsp. l. manki;
    • 10 tbsp. l. flour;
    • baking powder (10 g);
    • vegetable oil ;
    • 0.5 tsp. salt.

    They are prepared this way:

  • Zucchini is peeled and rubbed on a medium grater in a bowl. Stir it by adding salt and leave for half an hour. The juice is drained, and once more the mass is squeezed out.
  • Add cottage cheese and eggs to the zucchini, mix well, then, continuing to interfere, introduce sugar and mango.
  • Half of the flour is mixed with a baking powder and poured into the dough, lightly mixing.
  • Add the remaining flour, stir thoroughlymass and check its consistency. The dough should be thick, "slipping" from the spoon. You can add a little flour, if the first few pieces of baking turns out to be insufficiently lush (settle when cooling down).
  • Frying pan with butter is warmed well, then spread a spoon with a spoon and fry, getting a golden crust on both sides.
  • The middle of pancakes turns tender, and the crustfried and crispy. Such fritters are good not only with sour cream, but also with honey or jam, they can become a favorite in the family a useful treat. In addition, the dish can be periodically varied, adding to it a finely chopped peeled apple mixed with sugar and cinnamon. It is important only to maintain a sufficient density of the dough, so that the additives in the fritters do not reduce their splendor. Indeed, it is worth pampering your home, as well as guests delicious pancakes from courgettes with cottage cheese. Such baking is pleasant even to those who rarely use zucchini. After spending a few minutes in the kitchen, we get an original, tasty, useful and inexpensive, especially in season, dish. Pancake pancakes with cottage cheese are prepared easily and are eaten quickly.