Feng Shui Wallet Have you ever complained about"Fleetingness" of paper bills, regardless of their dignity? For sure, many women have repeatedly bred in perplexity with their hands, not finding the right amount in the purse. "It seems that only yesterday (the other day) the" bank "was replenished, and now there are only a few pennies left in it!" Exclaim the ladies, examining the almost empty bowels of her purse. And this is not surprising, because they probably heard about the sciences, with which you can increase the flow of money and strengthen their energy. So, for example, the color of the purse on Feng Shui - quite popular nowadays hobby - plays an important role in attracting money. Someone may disagree, arguing that in this doctrine there is no mention specifically of purses, however experienced feng shui practitioners are able to apply its principles in modern life and, in particular, in relation to the subjects of current use. So, listening to the advice of this exercise, concerning the usual accessory for storing money, you can correct your shaky financial position. The main thing is to choose the right wallet, that is not to be mistaken with its size, color and content, as well as with the material from which it is made. So what should be your wallet?

Red is the color of victory

To properly choose the purse color, you needfocus on the element to which you belong (it is determined by the year of birth), or rather, the characteristic color for it. So, if your element is "Fire", then, safely acquire a purse in the color of which there is a red, burgundy and scarlet shade, and if "Tree", then brown or green. There are common for all colors, inherent in the elements responsible for prosperity and welfare. We are talking about the elements "Earth" and "Metal", focusing on which you can buy purses of yellow, beige, orange and gold tones, as well as white, silver and gray colors. But accessories black, blue, violet and blue shades, it is better to avoid, unless, of course, you do not belong to the element of "Water". Otherwise, you will be bewildered to spread your hands and wonder where this money is flowing away? By the way - about purses, painted in red. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, this color scheme can enhance any action. You can give an example. On what color do you stop looking before: on red, green or white? Certainly, on the first of them. And this is not an accidental choice of our eyes, because a person, appearing on the light, first of all, sees blood, the color of which you do not need to sound. Paper bills, no matter how strange it may seem, also have the ability to "see" and also "prefer" a red tint. We add that in China, this color is considered the color of victory, and choosing a purse of such shades, you will be able to win over your financial problems.

Favorite wallet size

Great value when choosing a "storehouse" for moneyhas its size. The most optimal for ladies' purse Feng Shui calls length from eighteen to twenty centimeters. With such a purse size, there is no need to fold bills, and they will "feel" themselves fairly freely and comfortably. I must say that in the teaching of Feng Shui there is a notion of imperial size: it is a length of 43.2 centimeters, divided into 8 parts, each of which has its own characteristic. And that the money from you is not "turned away," at least one of the purse's faces should be equal to this very imperial size. For example, if one of the sides is not less than 2.7 and not more than 4.05 cm, then you are waiting for six successes, and the length of the face from 4.05 to 5.4 centimeters will give the owner of the happiness of abundance. From buying the same purse, one side of which is 5.4 to 10.8 cm in length and 10.8 to 16.2 cm in length, it is better to refuse, because such lengths can bring only failures and losses. purse feng shui color

Only from natural materials

When choosing a purse, pay attention to the material fromwhich it is made of. Following feng shui, give preference to natural bases that can provide a free path of monetary energy. The best option is a wallet made of genuine leather, as well as a women's purse made from suede and fabric. It will not be superfluous if the appearance of the accessory distracts attention from your bills, which means that no one will be able to take away their energy from you. In this case, wallets made of artificial leather should be avoided, just because it is not a "conductor" of energy and closes before it "doors" leading to your cash.

What and how to store in your wallet

First of all, in a purse should be kept thoseItems for which he, in fact, is intended: paper denominations of different denominations. It is necessary to handle them with all accuracy, adding each of them "face" upward, and in ascending order. Be sure to make sure that the bills do not crumple, and their edges do not bend. And try to ensure that your wallet is never empty, as they say, money - to money. For bank cards in your wallet there should always be a place, but the checks, the list of necessary purchases and other "reminders" of feng shui advises together with your capital not to store, so as not to drown out the energy source emanating from the bills. Do not keep close to the money and photos of loved ones, because the photos are other elements, and their mixing carries a negative charge. To attract and save money, ancient science also recommends wearing a purse in the form of a hexogram, grapes, mint or green tea, a happy coin or a mirror of imperial size. They will bring the desired financial effect and Chinese coins bandaged with red ribbon, as well as one dollar denomination.

And finally, some useful tips from feng shui

  • Keep money only in large and straight wallets, because bills do not like it when they are folded and crumpled.
  • Systematically clean your ladies' purse of unnecessary things, remember that unnecessary items in it prevent the receipt of fresh energy of money.
  • Write on the piece of red color the phrase "Mythe purse is always full of money "and put it in the purse. Such a talisman will never be superfluous. And if you save money for the purchase of a thing, keep in its purse its image, for example, a picture with a view of a white yacht or a photo of a car.

If the purse bought recently does not answerrules of Feng Shui, but you can not part with it, keep the bulk of your money at home, in the "money box." It is not difficult to manufacture, only use organic materials (wood or cardboard). If necessary, "dress" the product in a new fabric of the color that corresponds to your element. Keep the "box" is better than the room located on the southeast side of the apartment or house.