color of the bedroom on feng shui The best rest for a person is a full-fledgedsleep, since it is at this time that the activity of the nervous system and the working capacity of the whole organism are restored. In order to easily fall asleep and just as easily wake up, it is necessary to properly equip the bedroom, choosing the right design and creating a harmonious interior. From the point of view of Feng Shui, this is one of the main factors determining the microclimate of the whole house or apartment. According to ancient Chinese science, the ideal place for a bedroom will be the most tranquil zone in the house, located as far as possible from the kitchen, the entrance door and the toilet room. The shape of the room plays a big role; it is better if it is square or rectangular. A bedroom for feng shui can not be equipped in a passage room. The ceiling must be smooth, without any beams or slopes, and if this is not possible, it is better to install a suspension system. The design of the recreation room for Feng Shui provides for a minimum amount of furniture. Sharp corners of bedside tables, cabinets, chest, aimed at the sleeper, you need to decorate, giving them roundness. In a room it is inadmissible to work and even bring here notebooks, laptops or other similar things, as the energy of any activity prevents a full rest and leads to insomnia. At the head of the bed can not be placed sources of electromagnetic radiation, for example, a mobile phone or a computer. At night, these devices have a negative effect on the human body. The bedroom interior can not be overloaded with indoor plants - they can only be used in small quantities. Otherwise they will take away their strength. Try to immediately remove from the bedroom all unnecessary items such as empty bottles of perfume, colognes, used wet wipes, jars with cosmetics, unnecessary clothes and old shoes, old magazines and newspapers. The bedroom can not be turned into a warehouse of useless things. Clothes that are scattered over chairs and armchairs, collects dust, and also creates unpleasant sensations of something unfinished. The interior of the bedroom is not recommended to be supplemented with an aquarium or fountains. Particular attention should be paid to the presence of a mirror in the recreation room. According to Feng Shui, the person sleeping in him is not allowed to be reflected. If the room already has a closet with mirrored doors, you can prevent reflection in them during sleep with the help of diffusers or obstructions. To do this, place a large plant between them and the bed, but away from the headboard. On the dressing table you need to keep a bouquet of living or artificial flowers. Correctly placed mirror should be proportional to the growth of the owners and the size of the room. But all these recommendations will be useless if the interior of the sleeping room is created without taking into account the basic requirements for the color scheme. bedroom interior by feng shui

Optimal shades of the walls for the relaxation room

The color of the bedroom on Feng Shui varies depending onfrom the direction in which the room is located. There are a number of general recommendations regarding shades in which the walls of a room for sleeping and rest can be decorated. If the bedroom is in the east or southeast, the best option will be a green wallpaper, because it symbolizes the energy of the Tree. But these shades can also cause irritation and contribute to insomnia, so they should be diluted by others, creating a harmonious combination. The design of rooms in the south-west, center or north-east should be maintained in ocher, brown and other natural shades, characteristic of the elements of the Earth. For bedrooms with a southern location, a red wallpaper is suitable, although this color should be used in other cases, since Fire in Chinese philosophy has a beneficial effect on relationships in marriage. The premises of the northern side provide an interior with blue walls, but they should not be completely executed in this color, as Water is a dangerous and unpredictable element. If you are planning a high-tech bedroom and want to use white, gray, silvery shades, it is important to remember that they are responsible for the energy of the metal and are therefore favorable for rooms located in the western and north-western directions. According to the golden rule of feng shui, the design of the bedroom does not allow the presence of saturated and too bright, obsessive colors. The creation of a relaxing atmosphere is facilitated by muted shades of lilac, violet, blue, yellow, white and gray. But people who have recently issued a marriage or have started living under the same roof as civil spouses, feng shui recommends that you bring a red color to the common room. It is not necessary to use it as the main one for walls - it is enough to make a few accents, diluting them with the interior. Scarlet is a symbol of passion, therefore it stimulates the sensual side of relationships, due to which the union attains harmony and happiness. If you understand that its shades will cause dissonance, that the design will become somewhat aggressive, it is better to replace the red color with bright pink or peach tones. When choosing a color scheme for wallpaper, you need to remember the meaning of each color and take it into account when developing the interior of a rest room. Blue color gives peace and encourages self-contemplation, so this bedroom will provide the owner a good and relaxing holiday, but only if you know for sure that you need to strengthen the elements of Water in your own life. A room with bright red walls for sleeping will press on a person's psyche, however the presence of this color in curtains or wallpaper will help restore strength after a hard day. According to Feng Shui, it is not recommended to choose a design in the bedroom, combining white and black colors, for the Chinese they are the most unpleasant. It is best to be guided by the optimal interaction of elements: Water and Tree, Tree and Fire, Fire and Earth, Earth and Metal. This is how the cycle of creation on feng shui looks.

Color of furniture, curtains and bed linen in the recreation room

Feng Shui bedroom makes many demandsdirectly to the place for sleep. The bed should be comfortable, strong and stable. It is not recommended to hang over it various lamps, sconces, floor lamps. The energy of lighting of this kind is concentrated by a dense beam on certain parts of the body, and the result can be pain sensations in them. Bright light gives the bedroom a charge of dramatic energy, soft muffled - fills the room with eroticism and peace. The bed is an indicator of a married life, so it should not transform into a sofa. The sleeping place needs to have the least number of "separation signs", such as two beds made up together, or two individual mattresses. If the spouses have to spend the night on a folding sofa, it is necessary to cover it with a thick blanket before going to bed. As for the color scheme of furniture, it should be chosen taking into account the year of its birth, because each of them corresponds to a certain element. The best option is a bed of natural materials, whose structure has the ability to "breathe". The optimal solution in this regard is a wooden bed. If you were born under the sign of Fire, choose it in reddish hues. Only a person related to the elements of Metal can sleep on a bed made of this material. Feng Shui recommends paying attention also to what part of the room you will rest. Do you plan to arrange a place to sleep in the east or south-eastern part of the bedroom, symbol of which is the Tree? Then buy a bed, painted in green. The center, the southwest and the northeast are obliged to sleep on a bed from brown to light yellow shades, since these directions are under the power of the symbols of the Earth. The north and north-west belong to the metal zones, so it is permissible to install a bed with forged or iron elements. But even if you are planning to sleep in the north side of the room, then note that, from the point of view of Chinese science, fashionable beds on the water cushion are very harmful, because they combine incongruous elements - Water (it is filled with a mattress) and Fire (heating element) . Do not strictly follow the color guidelines when choosing furniture. After all, often find a bed and other items that complement the interior, the necessary shades are very difficult or the purchase proves to be too much for your budget. Therefore, it is much easier to confine yourself to the correct design of a sleeping place with a coverlet and small pillows, and bedside tables and a chest of drawers should be decorated with fabrics and additional elements of the right colors. Extra comfort to your bedroom will help create a carpet of the right shade that will blend in with the overall style of the room. It is better to choose one that is made of natural materials, because Feng Shui recommends creating a design without the use of synthetics and artificial components. The carpet should have such an external structure that the touch to it is pleasant to your feet. To receive additional forces will contribute to the dark color of the floor - it is under such conditions that negative energy can easily leave your body, leaving down. Since the window for the Chinese is a source of a powerful energy flow, the color of its decor should be given special attention. Choose curtains from light air fabrics pastel shades that will blend in with the main interior of the bedroom. To salutarily affect your own health, give preference to blue and green colors - they carry peace. If you want to force energy in the bedroom to circulate faster, decorate the window with curtains of warm and at the same time soft shades, for example, orange, golden, yellow. Other options are acceptable, but avoid using white in the decor - it, according to the Chinese, leads to a violation in all areas of life. The design of the bed depends largely on the used bed linen. The main requirement to it is the naturalness of the tissues. Synthetics and combined with her tissues do not contribute to attracting luck and prosperity. The choice of shade of feng shui does not limit, it is important only to avoid buying dark blue and black colors, as they negatively affect the inner state of a person. As for prints, it is better to give preference to floral motifs, drawings with clouds or grass, as well as geometry with smooth figures. Try to avoid images of predatory animals, sharp corners, vertical lines and water. bedroom design by Feng Shui

The Yin Bedroom or the Yang Bedroom?

In addition to the main recommendations described above,it is worth forgetting about your own preferences and peculiarities, because they are important for creating the optimal and most comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. If you belong to those people who have no problems with sleep, that is, they quickly fall asleep, sleep soundly and wake up in a cheerful mood, think over the interior and design of a room for rest in the style of Yin. In this case, give preference to beige, pink, peach and golden tones. When choosing furniture, pay attention to the absence of sharp corners in it; beds, bedside tables, tables and cupboards must have rounded edges. To illuminate the bedroom in the Yin style, a number of requirements are also put forward: it is better to have light-pink or light-blue shades, providing soft diffused light. For those of you who do not sleep well at night, often see bright and emotional dreams, wake up with difficulty and during the day dreams of somewhere to eat, hiding away from other people's eyes, is to take advice on the design of a bedroom in the style of Yan. The color scheme of this room for recreation provides for the predominance of dark red, almost burgundy shades, as well as muted green and blue. In this case, it is not necessary to allocate the ceiling - it is better to make it slightly lighter than the basic tone of the walls. Buy blankets and bed linen saturated and at the same time low-key colors, but the print on them is allowed bright. Bedroom in the style of Yan should illuminate the lamps with transparent white or matte shades. But sometimes it happens that the original design, which seemed the most successful and harmonious, eventually became dissonant with your internal state. It can manifest itself in the deterioration of the quality of sleep, the desire to quickly leave the bedroom and even move the place to rest in another room. There is nothing unusual or frightening here - it's all about the elusiveness and variability of the energies of Yin and Yan, which are closely related to the inner self of each person. Correct the current situation can be through some effective techniques. The discomfort associated with sleeping in the Yin bedroom will help to overcome the change of delicate bedding to a brighter, but do not choose red shades for these purposes. Additionally, place on the wall, which is clearly visible to you from the bed, a picture in rich colors, a poster or a panel. If you have lost peace in the bedroom Yan, began to feel unusual excitement and worries if there is no objective reason for it, then it is necessary to change bed linens, choosing for this pastel and close to white shades. The wall opposite the bed is decorated with a light, airy and transparent cloth (necessarily light). Such actions will help restore the balance of the two energies. When designing a design and creating the interior of your bedroom, do not blindly follow the recommendations that Feng Shui provides. It is important to hear what your inner instinct tells you, because only future comfort and full rest in the sleeping room depend on it. It is this approach that underlies the idea, which permeates all Chinese philosophy. Therefore, learn to hear yourself, understand what you want from the future bedroom and only then take it for arrangement according to the laws of organization of space according to feng shui. We advise you to read: