The music of wind To the "singing winds" the attitude is ambiguous: Feng Shui experts have different opinions about them. There is even a version according to which "wind music" attracts wandering and evil spirits into the house and breaks balance. However, most experts are confident that this talisman acts on a person and his home only positively. And it can and should be used to the maximum. Pay attention, every "singing wind" has its own mission, its mission. It is not necessary to think that this talisman serves only as an additional decoration of the room. Therefore, to begin with, decide what you will use it for, and then do the search for the desired symbol. So why does "wind music" cause so much controversy and disagreement? It's all about different energy settings. For example, to protect the house, it is worth using tools that suppress energy, but, in no case, strengthen it. Otherwise, unsuccessfully choosing a place for a mascot, you instead of a positive increase the negative. And so that this does not happen, use the following simple tips. relaxing wind music

How to strengthen the influence?

To increase the influence of any zone of the room(for example, love, career, or popularity), one should dwell on "singing winds" made of material belonging to the same zone. The talisman, made of metal and having 6 or 7 tubes, is responsible for the same element. It must be located in the north, west or north-west of the room. Bamboo tubules in the number of 3 or 4 pieces are an element of the Tree and are intended for the south, east and southeast. For all other directions, ceramic symbols are used, containing 5 or 8 bells. Their element is Earth. A different arrangement of feng shui is not acceptable, since a conflict of elements may occur, and this will not bring benefit to you or your home. Remember, in each specific case, "wind music" is created by a certain number of "singing" bells. There is no dependence on fashion or any preferences. Here everything follows the rules prescribed many centuries ago and takes into account different situations. wind music by feng shui

Little Secrets

Let's look at what direction the "wind music" has in feng shui. We hope they will help you in pursuit of success and positive energy.

  • Amplifying "wind music"

To strengthen, add or increase a zone, it is worthwhile to stop on a talisman having 6 or 8 tubes;

  • The overwhelming "wind music"

And to suppress the negative, block problems and failures - choose the option with 3-5 metal tubes.

  • "Wind Music" to increase public popularity

In this case, it is worth choosing a ceramic orCrystal mascot, which consists of 2 or 9 tubes. Hang it in the southwest corner of the living room. Notice, in the office or the bedroom do not do this;

  • To attract wealth

To activate this zone, choose a wooden talisman with 4 bells, and hang it in the southeast direction;

  • For those who want to fall in love

In this case, we need ceramic "wind music" with two tubes, located in the south-west;

  • For a strong family

Wooden "singing winds" with four bells. The direction is southeast;

  • For creative people

Here you need a talisman in the western zone of the room, made of metal and having 7 tubes;

  • Towards knowledge

A ceramic symbol that has 8bells and located in the northeast. It is worth noting, such zones as health and career are not subject to "wind music". For them, there are other talismans of feng shui. Well and in the rest all depends on the chosen material and a direction. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors!