feng shui wealth zone According to ancient Chinese practice, feng shui, anyThe living space can be divided into zones, each of which is responsible for some one sphere of a person's life. Such zones have their own color and element, which help to activate it. Let's consider how to activate the wealth zone in Feng Shui, because it is she who is responsible for the prosperity and the necessary amount of money in your family.

Where is the Feng Shui wealth zone?

By tradition, the teachings, the wealth zone is located insouth-east side of your house. It is this part of housing that will be the subject of today's consideration. The element of this sector is the tree, and the flowers - purple and green. In addition to them, purple and gold are also used to activate the zone. It is clear that you can not place a tree in the wealth zone, but you can use its symbols - live flowers in pots, or, in extreme cases, use their images. If there is an opportunity to use living plants, give preference to the money tree, it is suitable for the role of the activator is just perfect. feng shui money zone

Zone of Wealth: how to activate correctly?

The very first thing to do afterthe wealth zone is defined, this is to make sure that nothing impedes the movement of positive qi energy in it. This is easy: walk around the perimeter of the room and see if there are any objects that prevent you from making a detour. If you always run into furniture corners or just scattered things, you need urgent cleaning and rearrangement. All unnecessary things bring chaos to the vibrational fields of your house, and this will not contribute to the acquisition of wealth even with the proper subsequent activation. Make sure that the money zone does not contain such things as:

  • Broken or no longer functioning appliances

Feng Shui considers them to be the most important enemies of yoursuccess. The field of failure that surrounds them, is able in a flash to nullify all your efforts to improve your life. Any thing whose integrity is already broken is simply a generator of negative energy. Broken things are dead in their own way, and around them a stable field with relevant information is created, so the flow of death spreads farther and farther. Forms a semblance of a black hole that draws your luck and success.

  • Antiques and things used

Remember that the search for luck is very similar to fishing. And what do you offer your luck as a profit? A thing with the smell of second-hand? Do not expect that for such a bait you are waiting for a large catch. But it's not so bad, other people's things and antiques have their own specific energy field, which does not always coincide with the field of your apartment. It will constantly interfere with the flow of qi energy and direct it in the opposite direction. There is a situation where a person has already thought everything over, mastered many effective techniques to achieve success, but they all refuse to work and give the impression that the flow of "rake" for him will never end. But everything is much simpler: the energy that you attract can not get into the channel because objects used or antiques meet it with their vibrational field and are turned to the side.

  • Dry or wilted plants, cacti

These symbols are not related to a tree, and their influence is similar to what broken things do.

  • Fireplace

It is directly linked to the tree element, but this connection does not bode well for this zone. Feng Shui categorically does not recommend setting anything that can "burn" your wealth in the money zone.

  • Bin

A very dangerous subject for the wealth zone. Around this attribute is created something like a vacuum, where all positive energy will flow. This threatens with the fact that all material values ​​will not stay in your house and luxury goods will quickly go to waste. If you do not remove the bucket from the money zone, then there is a chance to part with what you already have. If you want to succeed, do not turn the wealth zone into a dump.

  • Fridge

Feng Shui - ancient science, in contrast torefrigerators, but the opinions of experts in the question of whether it is possible for a refrigerator to be in this zone are unanimous - no. The refrigerator generates yin energy, and its location in this zone is not required at all. If to speak symbolically, the refrigerator will freeze your undertakings and will not give you the opportunity to bring it to the end. But the refrigerator is not a trash can, and you can not easily move it. If, when creating your apartment, designers did not take into account the zones for feng shui and the area of ​​money fell into the kitchen, try to ensure that the refrigerator was necessarily clean, and do not allow the formation of glaciers in the freezer. Let it always have fresh vegetables and fruits, then the negative effect of this object will be neutralized. money zone by feng shui

Items that maximally activate the wealth zone of Feng Shui

To activate the wealth zone, sometimesjust enough to do a spring cleaning. In general, remember, feng shui and a dirty room are simply incompatible things. And that the success and financial well-being just fell on you, Feng Shui advises placing the following items in the money zone:

  • Vessel with water

Ideal if it is made of silver. Water and silver are kind of magnets that attract the energy of chi.

  • Various items with precious stones or expensive metals

By placing such items in this zone, you make it clear to the universe that you are ready to be successful and rich and your goal does not cause her any doubts.

  • A small aquarium with goldfish

Only you have to carefully monitor it,dirty water can bring financial problems. But if the fish suddenly die, do not panic. According to Feng Shui, the dead fish is a kind of ransom that prevents misfortune with you. Bury the dead fish away from your house and just buy new ones. When choosing an aquarium, give preference to small sizes, too much water can have a disastrous effect on the health of the tree element.

  • Chinese coins and tubular bells

The latter attract the right energy, andCoins make your mind tune in to find new solutions for making a profit. The wealth zone should always be brightly lit. Your way to success in this case will be bright, and it will be difficult for you to get into a deadlock situation. Please note whether your money zone does not overlap with the bathroom or toilet. If you are "lucky" and the toilet is there, then you will have to exert maximum effort to neutralize the effect of qi energy. But there are no unsolvable problems, and out of this situation will help a bunch of small bells and figures of guardian gods. You can hang a mirror on the bathroom door, just make sure that it does not reflect the front door itself and does not cut the top of the highest member of the family. But if your wealth zone came directly to the bedroom, then you do not need to activate it. In the bedroom, yin energies must circulate, which help us to have a good rest. Mixing different energies can even cause stress, but there is no question of success and wealth right now. That's how we shed some light on the teachings of Feng Shui and hope that our advice will help greatly improve your well-being.