feng shui mirror in the bedroom Here's how you think, what a thing in your lifedoes the woman consider the most necessary? Most of us hardly imagine our life without a mirror. As Mayakovsky would say, a woman and a mirror are twin sisters! In addition, different legends and signs have always been associated with mirrors. Without a mirror, not a single fairy tale or mystical story can do. So in the eastern philosophical doctrine feng shui mirror is given an important role. And, as is known, feng shui is a doctrine about the rules for harmonizing one's own living space. Well, which of us does not want to live in a harmonious environment? That's why many people try to adhere to the rules of feng shui, decorating their home and choosing interior items. Not an exception, and a mirror, especially if it is in the bedroom, the place where a person spends a third of his life. So what is the ratio of feng shui to mirrors? What is their role in our life? Is there a mirror in the bedroom, and if so, which one? Let's try to figure it out.

Magic mirrors on feng shui

Let's first find out what role in lifea man is taken to the mirror by a feng shui master? In general, feng shui favors mirrors and welcomes their presence in the house. However, with a number of reservations. The main property of a mirror is to reflect. So you need to make this magical object reflect the flows of negative and positive energy in such a way that it only goes for the benefit of the inhabitants of the house. Therefore, in feng shui and a number of rules, according to which the mirror should have a positive effect on the house and its occupants. It is believed that in each house there must necessarily be a large mirror so that a person can fully reflect it. As followers of the Feng Shui teachings believe, the reflection of individual parts of the body does not give the person the opportunity to evaluate himself entirely. And it's hard not to agree with this. After all, in fact, others perceive our image in full growth, and not just the face, legs or torso. Therefore, a mirror image in full growth gives a person not only to see themselves, as it is seen to others, but also to generate and reflect their own inner strength. It is especially important that in mirror reflection there is free space above the top of the person. This, according to the teachings of Feng Shui, provides opportunities for spiritual, financial and career growth. As for other reflections in the mirrors, it should be only objects that are pleasant to the eye and images that initially carry positive energy in themselves. And even better to buy talismans feng shui and put or hang from the opposite mirror. Then the power of the talismans will be multiplied by their mirror image. As for the location of the mirror in the house, the feng shui allows his presence in any room in the house, but not in the bedroom. On the mirror in the master's bedroom, the feng shui is imposed the strictest taboo. And there are understandable explanations for this. mirror in the bedroom feng shui

The ban on the mirror in the bedroom

As you already understood, the main magical abilitymirrors - to reflect and multiply the power of the reflected. So, if in the kitchen the mirror reflects the table, behind which family meals take place, this will increase the family's prosperity. Hanging in the bathroom mirror gives a person the opportunity from the very morning, seeing their reflection, restore harmony between the physical and spiritual beginning. It would seem, and for the bedroom this rule should act. But no! The fact is that in this room most of the time a person spends in a state of sleep. And at this time, as the Chinese doctrine of feng shui asserts, a person gets rid of the unfavorable energy of Qi. Reflected by mirrors, this energy doubles, which leads to very undesirable consequences. The surplus energy of Qi can provoke quarrels between people who sleep in this room. At first, such an impact will begin to manifest itself in minor disagreements and misunderstandings, and as a result may result in real hatred. Therefore, the mirror in the matrimonial bedroom is considered a kind of catalyst for family quarrels and discord. If the mirror is in the bedroom, where only one tenant lives, the unfavorable energy of Qi will gradually shake the man's peace of mind. In addition, bad energy, reinforced by specular reflection, can make a person vulnerable to disease and disrupt the harmony between the physical and spiritual beginning. There is another reason for the ban on the mirror in the bedroom. Reflecting in the mirror, the couple ceases to be a couple. In this way, people violate the tandem, multiplied in mirror image, and as if give green light to each other for an adultery. That is, they seem to program themselves to the appearance in their own lives of the other participants in their love union. Nevertheless, a strict taboo on feng shui and established secular traditions can easily come to a compromise. That is, the prohibition of the ancient teachings can be gently bypassed: to place a mirror in the bedroom, but to avoid the negative consequences. How to do it?

Mirror in the bedroom

It is not invented by us that any rule has its ownexceptions. And if you really want something, but you can not, then you can still. Here and here. If you are vitally important to have a mirror in the bedroom, but you are afraid to break the laws of feng shui, then just find a compromise. The main thing from which you need to build on the solution of this problem is that the mirror reflects and multiplies the negative energy emanating from the sleeping person. And the key word here is "sleeping"! That is, you just need to place a mirror so that sleeping people are not reflected in it! That is, you can easily put a mirror on the dressing table, hang it on the door of the wardrobe or even on the wall, but with one condition. The bed and the person (people) in it should in no case be visible in the mirror. Or we will say differently. Being in bed, you should not see your reflection in the mirror. And if you are a follower of the Feng Shui teachings, you will have to give up, above all, the mirror ceiling in the bedroom. The second taboo is mirror doors of cabinets. However, if the closet is so that the bed does not reflect it, then bravely equip it with mirrored doors. Another way to neutralize the mirror's ability to reflect and multiply bad energy is to simply hang it or fence it off the bed at night. Strictly speaking, this is a rational grain, not only from the point of view of feng shui, but also of modern science. Psychotherapists believe that the mirror glass shimmering in the night darkness can cause a person suddenly awakened by stress. You know that in the night, even without a mirror, anything can appear, and even in the mirror reflection nightmares appear, causing shock and numbness. It is from this point of view that the mirrors are contraindicated in the children's bedroom. But, as we have already said, the ban applies only to those mirrors in which sleeping people are reflected. So, having the opportunity to place a mirror so that it can not be seen from the bed, do not give up this traditional bedroom piece of the interior. After all, everyone knows and another very valuable property of the mirror - visually expand the room. By the way, this reception is welcomed not only in interior design, but in the very teaching of feng shui. the right mirror in the bedroom feng shui

Helpful Tips

How to find the opportunity to place a mirror inbedroom, so that it does not contradict the requirements of feng shui, we sorted it out. But for a complete harmony of the laws of the ancient teachings and trends of modern interior design, there are several simple tips.

  • The mirror that you place in the bedroom (and in general in your house) should be framed. The frame on the mirror will not allow the reflected energy to scatter chaotically, but help guide it.
  • All mirrors in your home must be always and always clean. Then the energy relayed by mirrors is also clean and beneficial.
  • In the bedroom or in any other room, the mirror should not be located opposite the front door or window. Otherwise, all positive energy will simply flow out of your house.
  • Never store mirrors with cracks and chips. Such a mirror in the literal sense of the word will turn into a crooked, but nothing good, as you know, is not reflected in the distorted mirror.

And most importantly - believe in good and think aboutgood. After all, the thought is no less material than all that surrounds us. In addition, positive thoughts carry in themselves the right message and pure, creative energy. Namely, we are so missing in life. We advise you to read: