vitamin diet Summer is around the corner, and women, dreaming ofsun and warmth, begin to think about the need to get rid of excess weight. As you know, the surest way to say goodbye to hated kilograms is to go on a diet. However, a diet diet is different, and if you approach this issue rashly, you can lose your health instead of extra pounds. Recently, a special kind of love for women has been gained by several types of diets, among which the vitamin-protein diet is leading - the reviews about it are most enthusiastic. The doctors also acknowledged the reviews are very supportive, since this diet has no serious side effects. A huge number of women successfully used a vitamin-protein diet - the reviews say that they achieved tremendous results in an extremely short time. Protein vitamin diet has a number of advantages over its competitors.

  • The woman practically does not feel hunger, so this vitamin-protein diet is wonderful even for the most avid lovers.
  • The main plus that the protein diet has in the vitamin is the responses of people who have tried it in their experience. They note the fact that it does not have any negative effects on the human body.
  • Another feature, which has a vitamin-protein diet - reviews suggest that people lose about 7 kilograms per month.

A feature of the protein diet of the vitamin isin that food can be consumed without restriction on the volume, but exclusively vitamin and protein products. The same foods that contain carbohydrates and fats should be strictly excluded. Also it is forbidden to use all kinds of sauces (sour cream, mayonnaise, or ketchup). Of the seasonings allowed only a minimum amount of red pepper and table salt. Vitamin and protein foods should be consumed in various meals, as this contributes to even greater weight loss. In addition, the protein vitamin diet imposes a restriction on the drinks consumed. If you observe a protein diet, you should stop using carbonated drinks, packaged juices containing sugar, coffee, sweet tea and alcoholic beverages. The only thing you can drink with a protein diet vitamin is unsweetened black or green tea and mineral water. The food should be fractional, that is often, but in small quantities. Thanks to this, a slimming person does not feel hungry. An approximate break between meals should be no more than two hours.

    An approximate diet for this diet: </ p>
  • 9.00 - three cooked (not fried) eggs (protein);
  • 11.30. - one fruit of grapefruit (vitamins);
  • 13.30 - 250 grams of boiled meat low-fat meat (protein);
  • 16.30 - two medium-sized apples (vitamins);
  • 18.30 - 250 grams of boiled sea fish (protein);
  • 20.30 - one orange (vitamins);

Please note that this is only one of the possiblerations for this diet. As a protein food you can use low-fat cheeses, low-fat cottage cheese, poultry and the like. And as a vitamin food you can use vegetables - both raw and boiled. When choosing fruit, pay attention to the fact that it is not recommended to eat too sweet, such as grapes or bananas, because they contain a very large amount of carbohydrates. vitamin diet vitamin Next on popularity is the Madonna dietvitamin. It is also considered a harmless diet that does not have a negative effect on the human body. The main difference between this diet and the usual is that with the usual body suffers from a lack of necessary vitamins and minerals. As a result, the condition of hair, nails and skin is affected. The vitamin Madonna diet is also absolutely devoid of this shortcoming. With the easy hands of the popular pop star, this diet quickly spread to all over the world. The vitamin vitamin diet helped a large number of women to approach their ideal of figure and increase their self-esteem. Below are some recipes for the vitamin Madonna diet. The basis of the Madonna's vitamin diet is the following soup. For its preparation, cut the onion, fry it in olive oil, then pour a liter of water. Add pre-cut celery and carrots, cabbage. Boil the soup until the vegetables are ready. In addition to using this soup, the following products are allowed:

  • Monday - absolutely any fruit, except apricots, grapes and bananas;
  • Tuesday - any green vegetables (cucumbers, peppers, etc.);
  • Wednesday - both fruits and vegetables in unlimited quantities;
  • Thursday - two bananas and 0, 5 liters of skim milk;
  • Friday - 200 grams of salad from fresh cabbage;
  • Saturday - 100 grams of low-fat yogurt;
  • Sunday - 150 grams of boiled rice with vegetables;

Those women who have tried the Madonna dietvitamin, note the loss of about 5 kilograms. However, although this is a sparing diet, you should not abuse it. This diet, like any other, should last about a week. If you want to achieve even greater weight loss, such a diet can happen again after at least two weeks. Remember that the permissible weight loss is 5 - 6 kilograms per month. If you lose more weight, you risk irreparable harm to your health, in addition, the weight is guaranteed to return back. And in order to ensure that the result is not short-lived and weight does not return, you must always carefully monitor your diet. The main component of the menu should be fresh vegetables and vegetable soups. All food must be steam treated. The liquid can be consumed in unlimited quantities, refraining from sweet drinks, tea, coffee and alcohol. Also do not forget that to achieve the maximum effect you need regular exercise. It is not necessary to spend hours in the gym or in the fitness club. It's enough just to walk more often, for example, when you return from work, you will leave the transport for several stops earlier. This will not only help to lose weight, but it will support all muscles in a good tone, which is also an important component of a good figure. We advise you to read: