how fast to lose weight in a week How quickly and painlessly to lose weight? The question of how to lose weight is a constant headache for almost every woman. With a rare, rare exception. Well, one wonders why some people can absorb cakes and buns in unlimited quantities without any restrictions, and at least they will, and others will recover even from the leaf of a green salad? Why such injustice! It turns out that it's all about your biotype. But first things first.

What you should know for those who want to lose weight fast

If before you for some reason got upthe question of how fast to lose weight in a week, then before deciding how to do it, you must understand what results will give you some of the measures taken. So, let's begin. And start with the fact that the best way to lose weight - it's nothing at all. Well, that is, nothing at all! You can only drink and only water. Simple, non-carbonated. And even better mineral. Then, with more or less success, you can reset somewhere to a kilogram a day. Especially in the early days. Because with fasting, the body, experiencing stressful loads, starts to work more intensively. And due to this, not only the fats accumulated in the body burn faster, but also the liquid from the cells is more actively excreted. This is noticed by everyone who has ever taken a hard diet. The first three or four days the weight is steadily decreasing by a kilogram and a half. After this time, the arrow of the scales becomes, as if dug in. Or almost as if stuck. Weight, of course, decreases, but not so intensely as at the beginning. Now that a new water balance has been established in the body, weight loss is actually due to the burning of fats, and this process is slow and long. As long as the process of their accumulation. The laws of physics are observed everywhere: the action is equal to opposition.

Do I need to starve to lose weight fast?

But not all of us can force ourselves, beloved,starve at least a week. Yes, not everyone can. And we must admit, it is not necessary. Why? Because you need to starve, too. Improperly organized starvation can lead to sad consequences - the emergence of diseases, metabolic disorders, etc. Having decided on fasting, always consult a doctor. This is in the first place. And secondly, radical weight loss through hunger strike often ends with another round of weight gain. And sometimes it becomes even more than it was. Again for different reasons. The first of them is psychological. Having hunger for a week, one must already adhere to the achieved result and limit oneself in food constantly. And this does not work for everyone. Asked how fast to lose weight, many are ready to decide on the feat and starve once a week. Hardly having waited for the end of this week, having come to euphoria from the achieved results, the end of the hunger-strike is happily celebrated. Well, you'll think: one cake! Think about it. The fact that the stressful situation, which was for the body hunger strike, reconfigures it to actively replenish lost supplies. And if you do not limit yourself to eating, the weight will return very quickly. And even more. And this is the second reason. how fast to lose weight by 10 kg

Some secrets how to lose weight fast by ten kilograms

Therefore, if you have a question, how quicklylose 10 kilos, do it with the mind. There are more sophisticated, but less violent ways of regurgitation. As we have already said, with rapid weight loss the result is unstable. But what to do, if already in a couple of weeks you have to be desperate to be in shape. If, for example, on the nose a trip to the sea or a wedding, then there is no choice. Both can be considered as a good reason for using emergency methods of weight loss. But just keep in mind that you do not need to use them all the time. Once you lose weight, try to keep yourself in shape all the time. After all, our body is not an accordion: it can not stretch back and forth without any consequences. The skin does not withstand such loads, loses elasticity, stretch marks appear on it - another problem. Well, now let's list the ways of fast weight loss.

  • Exclude fatsSpecialists-nutritionists for fastlosing weight in the first place is recommended to limit the consumption of fat as much as possible. The minimum that you can afford a day is 25 grams. Theoretically, this is too little, because the body needs to replenish vitamin D supplies a certain amount of fat. Therefore, you can not sit on such a diet for a long time. But as a temporary measure, this technique can be used. For two or three weeks, nothing terrible will happen. In this case, you will have to delete from your menu meat dishes, especially fatty meat, sausages, margarine, animal and vegetable fats, egg yolks, cakes, buns, in general any sweets, nuts and other products, where the amount of fats goes off scale. To compensate for the body's need for fats, buy fish oil and take it.
  • Exclude "harmful" products This list includessuch products as pasta, chips, Coca-Cola, and in general all fizzy sweet drinks, canned goods, factory juices, canned compotes. All these products are very harmful to the body and are doubly contraindicated for those who want to lose weight. The fact is that for long storage in these products, many preservatives, such as nitrate or glycerin, are added. All that you are allowed to buy in the store is rice, oatmeal and beans.
  • Reduce the amount of carbohydrates When losing weightshould significantly reduce the daily intake of carbohydrates. The result is a loss of body fluid, which will significantly reduce the weight and volume. Such a shock therapy can be used only when you have a very acute question of how fast to lose weight. It is impossible to sit on a low-carb diet. You risk very much harm yourself. Up to the most serious consequences. Decline of strength, drowsiness, depression - that's not the worst thing that awaits you. In the worst case, perplexed by energy deficiency, the organism can fall into lethargy for saving energy. Therefore, even a little oatmeal and rice is necessary.
  • Grace and plastic For a slimming weight loss of onediet is not enough. You need daily fitness classes. The most effective way is to break up the workouts for half an hour: morning and evening. Training should be intensive, at an active pace. If it is not practiced twice a day, then in the evenings, arrange a jog or exercise in the gym. Here you can practice for about twenty minutes on the treadmill, then twenty minutes on the elliptical simulator and another twenty minutes on the rowing.
  • Proteins - the basis of the basis of the protein - bricks forbuilding muscles. In order not to lose muscle mass, you need to increase the protein intake per day to one and a half grams per kilogram of your weight. The problem is that most meat products contain a lot of fat, so they can be replaced with vegetable proteins or powdered protein. But still a couple of times a week, you should eat boiled or cooked steamed nonfat fish.
  • Without water - and not there, not syudy Large amountwater is a stress for the body. Therefore, the more you drink, the more your kidneys will work more actively, and the more hormones the adrenals will produce. Namely, these hormones stimulate the burning of fat in the body. So in the fight against excess weight of water - an indispensable component. But it's not just that. In the process of burning fats in the body, toxins are produced that need to be eliminated. It is their water that ishes away. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the daily water consumption rate to at least 2.5 liters. Take into account that it should be ordinary still water, better mineral water.
  • Arithmetic in the fight against excess weightcaloric intake. Of course, you have to spend time on the calculations. But it's worth it. Get a table of caloric content of foods, and constantly consider the energy value of your diet. A good method for fast weight loss using caloric calculation is a zigzag method. Considering that the average woman's daily requirement is 1800-1900 kilocalories, establish for herself such, for example, regime. Three days for 1500 Kcal, then raise for one day the daily calorie content to 1900 Kcal, and then again for three days to 1500 Kcal. If, with a takai diet, you feel a decline in strength and lethargy, reduce the number of hungry days from three to two.
  • These are the little tricks that will help youquickly lose weight. But know that if you use such methods constantly, they can lead to exactly the opposite result. The body, not receiving calories, will slow down the metabolism, which will lead to a decrease in fat metabolism. And then no training will help. So lose weight wisely! We advise you to read: