pregnancy or hormonal failure Already goes that day of delay, you feel sick,dizzy, chest hurt? Do not immediately rejoice (or panic), because the absence of monthly and accompanying the above listed symptoms do not always indicate that you are in an interesting situation. You could just have a hormonal failure. And after a while, if everything is normal again, the critical days will go again. If this does not happen, you'll have to go to the hospital to find out the reason. After all, delay can be both a sign of pregnancy, and a symptom of a serious illness.

Why there is a hormonal failure

First you need to determine why this happenedwith you. Agree, it is easier to eliminate the cause once than to constantly struggle with the consequences. So, there are several factors that could affect the occurrence of hormonal failure. Among them are:

  • Infectious diseases

Very often in the body of a womanthe fair sex occurs hormonal failure after infection and treatment of infectious diseases. It can be chlamydia, thrush, cystitis, trichomoniasis, syphilis and so on. By the way, if you recently faced with such diseases, the first six months is better not to plan children at all. At first we are treated, we pass tests, and then we start a child.

  • Decreased immunity

Most often this occurs in the autumn-winter period,when the shortage of vitamins and nutrients is especially felt by our weakened frost, cold and rain by the body. Provoke the emergence of the problem also could and ARI, flu, ARVI, etc.

  • Tumor

Whether it's malignant or benigna tumor, its presence still adversely affects our health. The body seems to be trying to signal that something is wrong. Therefore, if you still had a hormonal failure, the first step should be fully examined in the clinic. Please note: recently, the fair sex has increasingly faced cysts and breast cancer, polycystic ovaries, uterine myoma and other female diseases. That's why you should not neglect the hikes to the gynecologist. You must visit a specialist at least once a quarter. Young girls need to visit a mammologist once a year. Ladies who are already far beyond 30 will have to undergo a continuous examination on a special apparatus that detects tumors in the chest. In the early stages, you can remove the tumor, but if you wait until the last, nothing good will end there. In advanced cases, even chemotherapy will not help. Unfortunately, in our time we have not yet learned how to stop the development of cancerous tumors. And even if the girl undergoes full-fledged treatment, in the future she may experience a relapse.

  • Problems with the endocrine system

If the endocrine system stops normalfunction, in the body of the fair sex can start serious changes. Finish all this can be sad, up to a lethal outcome. Therefore, it is so important not to start a disease. Problems should be sought in the adrenal, thyroid and pancreatic glands.

  • Operations

If you have recently had surgery, eventhe most insignificant, you may be the first time is bad. Must pass a certain time, while the hormonal background is normalized. But still, if the symptoms are too obvious, it is better to consult a specialist.

  • Abortion

So, the woman became pregnant. In her body, changes began to occur, the body is prepared for a long period of bearing the baby. A special hormone is allocated, which is responsible for the development of the fetus. And then the lady decides on the artificial termination of pregnancy, that is, for abortion. The embryo is no longer there, but for a while the body continues to work in the same direction. As a result - hormonal failure. After such interventions, you should undergo long-term treatment. Plus, do not forget to take tests to exclude the risk of infection or the development of any pathologies. Even after a year, the diseases that have arisen due to this operation can appear, so it is better to think ahead first, weigh the pros and cons.

  • Hormonal tablets

On sale in pharmacies you can find drugs,which are popularly called ambulance with a torn condom. If during the first 48 (12, 24) hours to drink a pill, you can not be afraid of an unplanned pregnancy. In fact, it is not worth playing with such "wonderful" medicines, since it is dangerous for health. Even after one time, serious consequences can occur, up to infertility. And some of the fair sex are experimenting almost every month. And then they wonder why they can not have children. By the way, after a while after taking the pill you will really get sick: nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite. Some ladies even fall into fainting.

  • Phytohormones in the diet

A woman should not drink beer. And a point. And not only because it contains alcohol. Daily use of this drink leads to serious consequences. The ladies begin to grow a mustache, hair on the body, the shoulders become wide, like men. Reconsider your diet. And if there are too many products containing phytohormones, try at least for a while to abandon them.

  • Genetic predisposition

Unfortunately, we take not only parentsthe best. Most of the diseases that our moms and dads have had are transmitted to children. Therefore, if your mom also had such abnormalities and abnormalities, immediately report it to your doctor. In this case, you will have to be under the constant supervision of specialists.

  • Stress

All diseases are from nerves. Try to remember if there was the day before something like this, which made you very worried, nervous, worried. It can be both negative and positive emotions. The forthcoming conference, illness of relatives, the offer of the hand and the heart - all this could lead to hormonal failure. how to determine pregnancy or hormonal failure

Hormonal failure or pregnancy: similar and different symptoms

The first thing that catches your eye is the sharpweight loss of a fair sex. At the same time, a lady can absorb food in unbearable quantities, eating, as they say in the people, for two. Often, the unreasonable appetite of ladies is just a sign of pregnancy. But we need to reason logically. In the first month the fetus is fixed, slowly developing. He does not need as many useful substances as in the second and third trimesters. Therefore, if you constantly feel hungry, eat a lot, but lose weight, immediately go to the doctor. Also, the completely opposite effect can be observed when the lady practically does not eat anything, but at the same time gets much better. Often this is accompanied by constipation, poor skin condition (dryness, appearance of acne), general weakness, problems with hair. People say that if a woman is fat, then she is pregnant. But do not forget that excess or lack of hormones leads exactly to the same consequences. The second sign of hormonal failure is the temperature, which lasts more than a week. In this case, there may be problems with the work of the heart, rapid pulse, high sweating, even if the woman is in a cool room, increased nervousness. Unfortunately, some of the symptoms are inherent in pregnancy. Especially it concerns nervousness and problems with sleep. Ladies who are in the position, often sleep badly at night, and during the day feel slightly drowsy. The next thing that happens when a failure occurs is a violation of the sexual function. Women do not want intimacy, they are harder to get excited, they do not reach orgasm. But during pregnancy in the first months, the libido of the fair sex does not deteriorate. Another difference that helps determine whether a woman's pregnancy or hormonal failure is the presence of a peepholemia. If the lady is in a position, such an anomaly is not observed in her. But in the second case, the patient looks as if she is constantly surprised by something: her eyes are wide open, unnatural shine (like at a high temperature), squirrels protrude a little forward. Absence of menstruation is the very first sign of pregnancy. This is known to all women of childbearing age. But, unfortunately, there can be a delay in case of health problems. And the problem can be covered not only in hormonal failure, but also in some women's diseases (infections, tumors, etc.). Therefore, rely on this symptom is also not worth it. Plus, in either case, hair on the body can start to grow, pigment spots, stretch marks on the skin, deterioration of appearance, problems with eyesight, skin, teeth begin. Sometimes ladies have headaches, nausea, dizziness, urination becomes more frequent. Is it a pregnancy? Rely on the listed signs can be, but if they did not appear the next day after the delay, and after at least three weeks. Thus, as you can see, the symptoms of pregnancy and hormonal malfunction are almost identical. But there are differences that will help you find out what you have. But still you should not play doctor, guess at coffee grounds, buy tons of drug tests and wait until your stomach appears. This may not happen, and the problem, because of which such a boom occurred, will become more serious. And then it will be necessary to be treated not one month. pregnancy or hormonal failure in girls

How to determine pregnancy

So, you have a few days delay? We leave for the gynecologist, after preliminary taking with ourselves a special kit. It is sold in regular pharmacies. First of all, the doctor will examine you, interrogate you and send you for testing. Do not panic! In the early stages it is rather difficult to determine whether or not the lady is in position. To do this, you will also need to do ultrasound, give blood to HCG.

  • Pregnancy Test: Results Accuracy

Many ladies, as soon as they appeardelay, immediately buy a pregnancy test. Ur - two strips. So, she will soon become a mother! But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance. If the result is positive, not necessarily the girl is pregnant. Elevated levels of hormones may also indicate that she has serious health problems. Plus, to trust a strip or a joyful "Yes" is still not worth it. Yes, the accuracy index is always great - 90% minimum. But very often ladies get the wrong result due to the fact that they do everything not according to the instructions or if they bought too cheap, overdue products, etc. Therefore, if you are already waiting for the second week of menstruation, and it still does not, sign up for an appointment with a doctor.

  • Doctor's visit

Somewhere from 5 weeks the doctor can accurately establish,is the lady pregnant. Often, representatives of the fair sex suffer a month, and then decide to go to a specialist. So, in a woman who is in position, the size of the uterus increases, the consistency, the color of the neck and the shell changes. But you can notice this not on the first day after fertilization, as you understand.

  • Blood test for hormones

This is a rather complicated method of determiningpregnancy, but it gives almost one hundred percent result. You donate blood from the vein, it is sent to the laboratory, where they will conduct all necessary studies. A couple of days later the results will come. But in this case there is one but. After the start of the delay should pass a minimum of 10-15 days, otherwise the test can show nothing.

  • Ultrasonography

A girl who is probably pregnant smeareda special gel stomach, then it is driven by the apparatus. On the monitor, the doctor at this time sees if there really is an embryo inside. In the early term, there may be errors. Therefore, it is recommended to do abdominal ultrasound (transabdominal) 3-4 weeks after the delay. If you need to know exactly whether you are in a position, you can undergo a transvaginal ultrasound when the sensor (in the form of a tube extending to the end) is inserted into the woman's vagina. It is more precise. However, in this case, future mothers are at great risk of losing a child. The fact is that in early terms it can provoke a miscarriage. Therefore, it is not recommended to resort to such methods simply. So, if you are in doubt, are you really in a position, go to the hospital. If you have health problems, they will quickly diagnose you and prescribe a treatment. And then, after six months or a year, you can begin planning the child. Those who do not like to be treated and go to doctors will have a hard time. Infertility, malignant tumors, diabetes mellitus, heart problems (stroke, heart attack), fibro-cystic lesions in the chest - this is only a small list of what will have to face the fair sex. So do not risk your health and happiness.