body painting of pregnant women Attitude to pregnant women at all timeswas ambiguous. Showing your pregnancy was considered something indecent. In the 19th century, women from noble families did not have the right to go out and even receive visitors in their home, as soon as they became, at least a little, the belly is visible. At the beginning of the last century, with the advent of Soviet power and the change of the system in Russia, almost all women were forced to work up to the very pregnancy, so it was impossible to conceal the fact of this. However, and then the stomach tried in every possible way to disguise it under a layer of clothing. And only the last few decades on pregnant women stopped looking like leprosy. In our time it is not considered shameful to wear a short blouse, from under which will look a pretty rounded tummy. Unfortunately, some future mothers are unhappy with their bodies, especially this is manifested in the last months of waiting, when women get tired of their "pregnant" condition. And that's where the bodypainting of pregnant women comes in handy. In Europe, this practice has existed for about 10 years, and recently body painting for pregnant women has become increasingly popular in Russia. The process of drawing a picture on a "pregnant" tummy brings only positive emotions to Mom. In addition, with the right approach, body painting of pregnant women can help to establish even closer contact between mother and baby. body painting for pregnant women You can do body art usingservices of professional artists, or to involve the future father in the process, which will certainly favorably affect your relationship, and help the pope not feel out of work.

In the hands of a professional

body art for pregnant women If you have a free amount of money andgo get a real masterpiece on your belly, you should pay attention to artists involved in body painting. In large cities, as a rule, there are necessarily people who are engaged in gestational painting. Most often the master who performs body painting of pregnant women will provide you with a photo of his previous works. You can choose one of the finished drawings, and you can show individuality and ask the artist to create a unique drawing on the baby's house. In addition, with the help of a wizard you can implement your own ideas or even sketches that you have drawn beforehand. Most artists work together with a professional photographer. If you decide on body painting pregnant, the photo will be an excellent memory of the happy months waiting for a miracle.

Drawing yourself

body painting of pregnant women However, if you have not found such aartist, do not refuse to try on yourself, what is body art for pregnant women. The proceeds will come to you and the future father. For drawing you can use the following colors:

  • Very accessible and completely uncomplicated inthe use of ordinary gouache, which you can buy in almost any stationery store. When buying paint, do not forget to buy either glycerine or ordinary petroleum jelly. This must be done to ensure that the pattern, when dry, does not crack. For 50 grams of gouache, add 5 grams of Vaseline or glycerin and mix thoroughly. You can apply the paint with conventional brushes, using a more subtle for drawing the outline, and thicker for applying the primary color.
  • Gouache is absolutely safe as for the health of mom,and for the baby's well-being, almost never causes allergic reactions in contact with the skin. However, gouache has several drawbacks: when drawing a picture, speed and attention are required. As the paint is very flowing and smeared. In addition, the drawing is short-lived - it will last for a maximum of 24 hours. Gouache is well suited for drawing a picture just before an event. To remove gouache, it is enough just to wash the skin with soap.

  • Theatrical makeup will also not bring any harmHealth, since its original purpose is just to work on the skin. Grim pleases its variety of colors and shades, allowing you to create the most bizarre paintings. This is also facilitated by another feature of the make-up, consisting in the fact that it absolutely does not flow and does not "spread out", so the borders of the picture are precisely marked, and the transitions between the flowers are surprisingly harmonious. Before applying the pattern to the skin, any tonic, in order to degrease it. Alas, this kind of paint will not allow to create a durable drawing. Moreover, such a figure can not be hidden under the clothes, since the make-up greatly damages it. To remove the makeup, use any milk to remove makeup.
  • Watercolor. Some young mummies create drawings on their tummy with the help of ordinary children's watercolor watercolor. The main drawback of watercolors are rather dull colors, but you can still experiment.
  • If you want a more lasting result andWatch the beauty on your tummy for at least a few days, get a professional set for body art. It is also great for body painting for pregnant women. The standard set usually includes:
  • Pencil. With its help, you can clearly draw each line of drawing, without fear that it will be blurry.
  • Special colors of different colors. When buying, pay attention to whether there are those colors that are necessary for you.
  • Airbrush. It makes it possible to spray the paint evenly, which is very convenient, if it is necessary to apply a color of one color to a large surface of the skin.
    • If an even more stable result is required, thenIt is worth trying to make a biotattoo - applying the pattern on the skin using henna. To prepare the paint you will need 100 ml. hard-boiled black tea (at the rate of 1 tablespoon of brewing for 100 ml of steep boiling water), freshly squeezed juice of one lemon and 100 grams of special henna for painting on the body. Mix all ingredients thoroughly, leave to stand for 3 hours. After this, prepare the following mixture: mix 2 teaspoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. You will need this mixture later to fix the finished pattern. Immediately before applying the pattern, the skin should be greased with vegetable oil. To work with this paint is very convenient: Apply the selected pattern and leave the paint for 3 hours, then simply shake off with a soft cloth. This pattern can last for two weeks to a month. This kind of body art for pregnant women is an ideal option for mothers who go on holiday to the sea.

    Each set is accompanied by an instruction, inwhich describes in the most detailed manner the technique of drawing the drawing, to achieve the best result. The drawing, executed by such paints, will remain in its original form for at least a week. Keep in mind that it is impossible to wash off the paint at a time, the pattern is removed gradually, while bathing with soap. The main disadvantage of this set is its high cost and the fact that it is difficult to find on sale, especially in small towns. As you can see, the scope for creativity is huge, and it is limited only by your imagination. We wish you that this wonderful time of waiting will remain in your memory, painted in bright colors and pleasant emotions! body painting on the tummy A photo: leader and artist - Valery Shemchuk We advise you to read: