to know the sex of the baby by heartbeat Years go by, times change, but the most unchangedremains the attitude and perception of the fact of pregnancy and the appearance of the child in the family. This event by emotional perception is unlikely to compare with anything else. The birth and development of a new life is an action that has fascinated and fascinated even the staleest people since the dawn of time. The period when your half carries a piece of your love, which can be a more vibrant and important event in life. Pregnancy is not the easiest period in the life of any woman, but certainly the happiest. Happiness fills all around - atmosphere, relationships, people around you. With certainty it is possible to name the period of pregnancy, the period when there is a mass of questions, experiences and, of course, hopes for a positive outcome - the birth of a baby. While future parents are happy with the long-awaited event, they are not left with the question of how to know the sex of their unborn child. Many people are concerned with this issue literally from the first days of pregnancy, and want to get the answer as quickly as possible. The most reliable and accurate way was and remains an ultrasound study, but it is carried out only from the seventeenth week of pregnancy. Future parents are not always ready to wait for how long, and therefore, are looking for other options for getting out of the situation. The three most popular and frequently used methods for early recognition of the sex of the child include the method of clarifying the sex of the baby's heartbeat, we'll talk about it in more detail.

Features of the recognition of the sex of the child by his heartbeat

This method, allowing you to know the sex of the futurechild, does not claim to be a professional from a medical point of view, but rather refers to folk methods, which does not prevent him from remaining popular for many years. The sex of the child from his heartbeat can be determined in several ways, taking into account some features. Let's start in order: Finding the floor by the number of beats per minute The description of this technique, you will not find in the textbooks on medicine or on official medical resources, but it is, and it does not seem strange that some doctors unofficially use it in their medical practice. It is believed that the best way to determine the gender of the child at heart rate is the midwife, especially with extensive experience or talent. For this reason, many resort to the help of midwives, because it is almost impossible to calculate the number of heartbeats of a baby independently without having specific skills and knowledge. On this occasion, there are several opinions that contradict each other. Some argue that the heartbeat of boys is more rapid, while others say virtually the same, but exactly the opposite, and about the opposite sex of the child. Who is right, it is difficult to say, because the method does not have any specific medical grounds. The child's sex according to the rhythm of the heart According to the existing versions of this method, the sex of the child can be determined directly from the rhythm of the heartbeat. If the rhythm is measured, rhythmic, loud and mostly coincides with the rhythm of heartbeat of the mother, then you will have a boy. If the rhythm is agitated, chaotic and quiet, it means that a girl will be born in your family. Arrangement of the fetus in determining the sex of the baby It is also possible to know the sex of the baby by the intrauterine location of the fetus and the heartbeat. It is noticed that the heartbeat, audible on the left side, speaks about the development of the male child. But if the heartbeat is heard on the right side, it's a girl. how to know the sex of the baby on a heartbeat

Effectiveness of the methodology

Speaking about the effectiveness of this technique,I would like to note that, like any other, it has its drawbacks. But sometimes it's not just them, but the fact that future parents really want to look into the future and learn the sex of their heir or heiress. They believe and trust such folk methods. And its effectiveness is 50 to 50 percent. The given method does not become on the parameters and results in one row with possibilities of the modern device of US, but it gives hope and carries out dreams of the future parents. Although, as evidenced by medical statistics, ultrasound is sometimes also wrong. The most accurate way to know the sex of the child was and still is invasive diagnosis, but not all are being addressed. This type of diagnosis involves a fence of amniotic fluid or a piece of placenta, however, this method is not the most humane and painless. The relevance, relevance and faith of future parents - these are the main indicators of the effectiveness of using this method to determine the sex of the baby. According to the unspoken statistics of the opinions of future parents, the indices that indicated palpitation coincided with the result. can you tell by the heartbeat the sex of the child

Opinions of specialists

Opinion of doctors on the use of this technique withthe purpose of determining the sex of the child, of course, is ambiguous. Doctors are quite skeptical about folk methods, signs and similar methods of forecasting. In their opinion, there are several methods that allow to determine with accuracy to 98-99% the sex of an unborn baby, this is:

  • Research on ultrasound apparatus;
  • Invasive diagnostics.

But as already mentioned, only invasivediagnosis gives a 100% result, and accurately determine the sex, and ultrasound has its own percentage error. As for all versions of the heartbeat, then from a medical point of view, there is a lot of disagreement about the accuracy of forecasts and their correctness. According to doctors, one palpitation can not determine the sex, because much depends on such factors as:

  • Gestational age;
  • In a state of rest or sleep, the baby is at a heartbeat reading;
  • Intrauterine position of the baby;
  • Pose of the future mother when taking readings;
  • What time of day is chosen for the collection of heart rate;
  • Are there any abnormalities in the development of the child's heart.

In spite of all of the above, there isthe mass of those wishing to be among doctors and midwives shed light on the future sex of the child, even if it is predicted precisely from his heartbeat. This prognosis is harmless, not dangerous either for the child or for the future mother and in no way harms the very palpitation. Therefore, to apply or not to use, and also believe or not to believe in this method, it is up to the parents of the baby to decide. Summarizing all of the above, it can be said that the desire to know the sex of the child in advance, is present in many parents, and therefore each of them uses any method they like. But is it so important? For each parent, the child born is immeasurable happiness and joy, and he will not be loved because he is a boy or a girl, but because he is their blood and a particle. The main value and importance is the health of the child, which directly depends on the state of the future mother during pregnancy, it is about him to be taken care of from the very first days.