Pregnancy is not a disease Probably, for many women, pregnancy isthe most important stage in her life. After all, it is the births that divide the woman's life into "before" and "after". Many of us prefer to prepare for it in advance, thoroughly studying everything. And when a woman is already in this "cherished" position, her worldview completely changes. The future mother begins to live not only her life, but also the life of a little man, whom she so gently carries under her heart. And often at this very time a woman begins to fixate on her pregnancy. Many people have a fear of childbirth, while others have fears for the health of the baby. At the same time, no pathologies were found in such women. It happens in their heads. Twisting themselves, they begin to carefully monitor themselves, be careful, do not go out again, so as not to catch any infection. And accordingly, all this takes place at the level of emotional experience, which absolutely negatively affects the health of the future baby. But after all, pregnancy is fine, and do not limit yourself to movements and pregnancy-acceptable desires. Lead your , with its help you will know how it developsyour baby, how your body is changing, and how your life will flow in the next 9 months. To distract from absolutely unnecessary thoughts, you just need to occupy yourself with an interesting and useful business. You can go shopping and see something for the future baby, or read some useful information to get some experience before the birth of a crumb. As you know, pregnancy should be a joyful period, and the future mother needs to make the most of this effort. Every day for such a woman should be filled with only positive emotions. It is necessary to be more in the open air, to look at the beautiful, listen to beautiful music, laugh and generally try to rejoice in everything that surrounds it. After all, the kid feels everything that happens to you. It is important to understand the main thing, pregnancy is not a disease, but the beginning of a new interesting life! We advise you to read: