learn the sex of the child by the date of birth of the parents The eternal theme of all times and nations is the sacramentconception and determination of the sex of an unborn child. The possibilities of modern medicine make it possible to determine the sex of the baby at a fairly early gestation period, but future moms and dads still want to plan it on their own. Recently, one of the most popular ways that allows you to know the sex of a child is the method that determines this by the dates of birth of both parents. This is not a myth, but a reality and by the date you can really find out such important information for you. Perhaps, at first glance, this method will seem absurd to somebody, but, nevertheless, it "works". At the heart of this technique lies the cyclicity of blood renewal for the parents of a future child, which consists in direct dependence on their date of birth. The cycles of the so-called blood renewal are different, that is, the males differ from the females. In a more accessible language, the blood that will be "stronger" at the moment of conception will win, thereby determining the gender of the child. It is believed that the woman's blood is renewed more often, namely - once in three years. In men, the update occurs only once, but in 4 years. The process of renewal is influenced by the Rh factor, so for women with negative Rh factor the renewal process is shifted up to 1 time in 4 years. This technique does not belong to the category of high-precision to determine the sex of the child, but its popularity does not fall, because it is for her to calculate the sex can almost from the first days of conception. It is natural for a person to learn all the unknown and mysterious - this explains the popularity of the technique, despite the fact that the percentage of coincidences is only half the cases. It should be noted that in the world there are several variants of this kind of techniques that allow you to know the sex of the child precisely by the parents' birth dates. We will touch on each of them in more detail. how to know the gender of the child by the date of birth of the parents

Known world practices that determine the sex of the child

A genuine interest in information about whichthe child will have a sex - a mass phenomenon: the methods created in different countries of the world testify to this. Each of you will also get the opportunity to not only familiarize yourself with them in detail, but also if necessary choose and apply what you like. European methodology It is the most widely used and is based on the theory of so-called blood renewal. If to speak from the point of view of medicine, then the term "renewal" does not exist in relation to the blood - it is abstract and exists to more clearly convey the meaning of this technique. The semantic load of the concept of "renewal of blood" is that in fact, male and female blood is changing, and this happens every three years for women, but for men it is four times as many. Accordingly, the blood of one of the parents, which at the time of conception itself will be more young, will determine the factors of a particular sex for the child. Approaching from a mathematical point of view to this issue, it is necessary to divide the real age of the mother of the future baby into three, and the age of the father divided into four. At whom from the future parents as a result of division the whole number turns out, at that on logic the blood is more young, so, the sex of the child will be there and then found out. Note that there are certain nuances concerning blood renewal - for example, if you have had any injuries with blood loss, surgery or childbirth, the blood has automatically refreshed. In this case, the calculation is made by the date of the last blood loss. Chinese methodology This technique in the world is classified as the most reliable, but more complex in terms of calculations, since many factors are taken into account. If you describe it in general terms, then it is necessary to produce a ratio of the indicators of the age of the future mother with those months in which the birth can occur. The best option for such calculations is a special table, which you can buy if you want in the form of a small print. Japanese methodology This type of technique also implies the use of a special table with data and the Japanese calendar. The table itself is a horizontal and vertical column in which data are located about the month and the number of births of a man and a woman - the future parents of the child. Crossing these indicators as a result gives a number that will need to be substituted directly into the Japanese calendar. The obtained number will become the date of the sex most desirable for the conception of the child. As the Japanese themselves say, the creators of this technique, it refers more to folk ways than to practical ones, but its relevance does not decrease, because the accuracy of the result sometimes reaches 98%. learn the gender of the child by the date of birth of the parents

Law of Harmony

In parallel with the worldsex of the child on the date of birth of parents boldly walks the Law of Harmony. The essence of this law is based on the existence of so-called dual energy systems. The concept of duality means binary, man also refers to the dual system, both by his external manifestations, and by the energy indicators of his beginnings - female and male. Plus, everything is the fact that each of us has his own energy field, which directly influences the various processes in this case to choose the sex of the child. As you know, life originates from cells, which at first glance are purely externally no different from each other, but, subsequently, a person of a certain sex develops with a set of individual qualities. The Law of Harmony is the answer to the question of the future child's belonging to this or that sex. According to scientists, the determining factor of the child's sex are the resonance energy-vibration ranges of the parents' cells. The mother and father of the child have their own frequency range and their energy level and at the time of conception the distribution of these potentials takes place, and the entire process can be reflected in the example of the graph for the entire period of the intrauterine development of the baby. Only in a certain time period and the sex of the child is formed. And on the one whose energy will prevail, the sex of the baby will depend. With these calculations, as well as when calculating the dates of birth of parents, a special schedule of the Harmony Law should be used. Using the graphic possibilities of this law enables a married couple to know the sex of a child long before his conception or immediately afterwards. The law of Harmony was known as far back as the beginning of the 16th and 17th centuries of the last century, and in combination with methods that helped determine the gender identity of an even born child by the dates of birth of both parents. Then it was forgotten, but now gaining momentum of popularity and can compete with other methods and methods. Of course, given the level of development of modern medicine technologies, it is not difficult to obtain data on belonging to a certain gender of a child, but how do you sometimes want to do it yourself, using methods proven by centuries and millennia!