pregnancy by a boy Many couples eventually startplan a child. Continuation of the family is so natural. However, some would like to know in advance the sex of the child out of curiosity, and for someone it is of fundamental importance who they will have - a boy or a girl. It turns out you can calculate the sex of the future child - a boy or a girl - with the help of the so-called ovulation calculator. How? Let's find out. calculation of ovulation

Ovulation and the period of fertility

To begin with, let us recall from the course of biology what isovulation. Everyone knows that nature has arranged in such a way that conception can occur only once a month, if this does not happen, menstruation occurs, which usually lasts 5-7 days. Since every girl has this period is very individual, it is recommended to keep a special calendar with a note on giving the beginning and the end of each menstruation. Usually the gap between them is 25-30 days. The period of ovulation, as a rule, occurs 2 weeks before the onset of menstruation, that is, falls on the middle of the menstrual cycle and represents the process when a mature egg leaves the ovary and is sent to the fallopian tube. Usually the probability of pregnancy these days is the highest. The very moment of ovulation and 48 hours later is called the phase of fertility. In order to find out more precisely when this period comes and to exclude a mistake, in modern medicine there are different test strips for determining ovulation, or you can use the method of basal temperature measurement. It should be measured right from the morning, rectally. Its decrease indicates that you have a pre-ovulatory day. An important condition is that the measurement should be carried out daily at the same time, even if you are late for half an hour or an hour, the result may already be incorrect. Ovulation also mark in your calendar. Spermatozoa, namely those cells that are responsible for the male chromosome set (Y), move quite fast, but at the same time live for long, unlike those responsible for the female chromosome set. Therefore, for those who want to conceive a boy, it is recommended to have sex during the fertility phase, that is, at the moment of ovulation or several hours after it, while the egg is ready for fertilization and viable. We will calculate its period using a special calculator just below. For the conception of a girl, everything is exactly the opposite, make love a few days before the onset of ovulation. In order for the data to be the most reliable, you should continuously sleep at least 6 hours before the measurement. determination of pregnancy

Fertility phase determination calculator

So, let's see what the calculator will be likedetermining the days for the conception of the boy. Let's try to calculate the most favorable period for a specific example. For this we need some mathematical techniques. From the number of the longest day of the menstrual cycle, subtract 11 (this is the number of the last fertile day of the cycle), and from the shortest day - 18 (this is the number of the first fertile day). Let's say the longest menstrual cycle is 32 days, calculate the last day of the cycle in the fertile phase - 32-11 = 21. The short cycle will be 26 days, therefore, the very first day in the fertile phase, which starts from the moment of ovulation - 26-18 = 8. Within 13 days, from the 8th to the 21st day of the cycle, one can plan the conception of the child, the conception of the boy must fall on the first 2 days, that is, from the 8th to the 10th day. Using the example of this calculator, you can calculate your own individual period of ovulation. If you have a fairly stable menstrual cycle, then in order for you to have a boy, you need to make love 11-12 days before menstruation, if you need a girl - for 13-14 days. Other recommendations for improving the chances of conception However, in order for the chances of conception of the boy to increase at times, one calculator for determining the fertile period will be small, it is advisable to follow the following tips and recommendations:

  • Stick to a certain diet. In order to conceive a future heir, you need to include in your diet bread, fish, sausage, meat, fruits, vegetables, cereals, fruit juices, coffee.
  • Give up making love for 3-4 days before the onset of ovulation in order to accumulate spermatozoa with Y-chromosomes.
  • At least a week before conception, it is desirable for a man to refuse taking hot baths and wearing warm or tight underwear.
  • A couple of hours before conception, a man is advised to drink a cup of coffee or a fizzy drink, where the composition contains caffeine, this contributes to a greater enthusiasm for the number of spermatozoa.
  • It is desirable to use the sexual posture "dog-like", also should try to make the woman reached orgasm before men.
  • In order for spermatozoa better "fixed", a woman is recommended to lie still for 20 minutes after the end of sexual intercourse.
  • Calculator for calculating the fertility period andother methods - this is not a 100% guarantee that you will have a representative of the masculine gender. And if these tips and recommendations have not helped you, do not despair, because a child is a gift of God.