pregnancy 30th week signs At this time, the child begins to react wellon a bright light that shines through the belly of my mother, because his eyes are wide open. Pregnancy Week 30 - signs of active hair growth continue, they can still cover the whole head, not just the face. But the skin remains wrinkled. But premature birth is no longer dangerous, because the child has accumulated a sufficient amount of subcutaneous fat. Pregnancy 30 weeks of ultrasound studies show that the child's chest rises and falls rhythmically - this helps to strengthen the respiratory muscles and promotes the proper development of the lungs. Due to the fact that the child inhales the amniotic fluid - the volume of the lungs increases to the level necessary for life outside the uterus. The child understands you well. And, when you stroke your stomach or talk to it, it calms down, as if listening. Braxton Hicks contractions can not harm a baby, although he pays attention to these cuts. His sleep and wakefulness regime were formed and it would be more correct to adjust to them than to try to fall asleep at a moment of intense activity. The weight of the child is now about 1400 grams with an increase of 27 cm. pregnancy 30 week symptomsIntrauterine growth of the baby at 30 weeksPregnancy Pregnancy 30 Week Symptoms. At this time, moms are becoming slower and slower. But behind the posture it is necessary to follow more carefully, since the center of gravity continues to change. Remember the posture should always be: both during physical activity and during rest. And before you get up, you need to roll to your side, since the abdominal muscles are overgrown and can no longer perform their functions properly because of the increased size of the uterus. pregnancy 30 week uziThe tummy of a future mother at the 30th week of pregnancy.this period of unrest and discomfort is less evident in women who do not neglect a healthy lifestyle, which gives them the opportunity to better prepare themselves for the upcoming workload during childbirth. The load should be individual and depend on how active you were before pregnancy. Optimum to do walking, swimming or gymnastics. After consulting with a doctor, you can choose a set of exercises that will be useful to you and your child.