Pregnancy Week 28 Signs Pregnancy Week 28 is the time when the childalready opens his eyes. Their color is usually blue, and the main eye color will be established after some time after delivery, but cilia are already visible around them. The child is actively interested in what is happening outside his residence. Various studies confirm that children begin to learn the language before birth, this fact is proved simply - the child's cry is similar to that of the mother. The weight of the child and his brain continue to increase rapidly, the cerebral cortex has developed convolutions. Volosiki in the scalp become longer, and the layer of adipose tissue is thicker. As long as the baby has enough room for playing and tumbling, so do not worry if a pregnancy test on the 28th week of US shows that the child is down with legs, not with the head, time to get upside down is still plenty. Pregnancy Week 28 SymptomsIntrauterine child development at week 28pregnancy and from the pregnancy period of 28 weeks, the signs of a child with preterm birth are such that, with due care, the survival rate of toddlers is high, and legally it is already recognized as a full-fledged human person and is subject to registration. Its length is 25 cm., With a mass of 1100 grams. Pregnancy Week 28: the symptoms of approaching births are becoming more pronounced, so a woman needs to visit the doctor at least once every two weeks. Analyzes that you need to pass now - is testing for the level of iron in the blood sample for glucose tolerance. If the mother has a negative Rh factor of blood, then it is necessary to donate blood for the presence of antibodies in her. pregnancy 28 week uziThe tummy of a future mother at 28 weeks gestationIt is necessary to resemble an activity where future mothers are told about anesthesia during childbirth, about stimulation of labor and about operations that may be required in the process of delivery. This knowledge will help you be ready for complications. It is important to continue taking vitamins, paying more attention to calcium, since right now the growth of bones reaches a peak intensity. In some women, the colostrum begins to separate from the mammary glands, although it mostly occurs after childbirth.