Pregnancy Week 36: signs, symptoms, uzi Now your baby is beginning to actively prepare forhis birth. At this stage he has a plump body and thick cheeks. When pregnancy occurs 36 weeks, the uzi can show that the wrinkles are completely smoothed out. Face became smooth and plump. They developed because your baby is always sucking his fingers, so he is preparing for feeding. The skull at the thirty-sixth week is still quite mild. Therefore, during childbirth, passing through the birth canal, it may be slightly flattened. At the thirty-sixth week, your baby weighs about 2.750 grams. Length - about 33 centimeters. Pregnancy Week 36: Symptoms. By this time the bottom of the uterus is already under the breastbone itself. The child in the literal sense of the word beats his legs right under your heart. It becomes hard to breathe. From this week you will have weekly visits to the doctor. By this time, most of the fetuses are located in the uterus with the head down, but in 4% of cases the babies occupy the position with the buttocks down. In medicine, this position is called a gluteal or pelvic presentation. Pregnancy Week 36: signs. Pregnancy at this time is accompanied by such an annoying phenomenon as synchronous hair covering of the skin. This is due to hormones. Do not be discouraged, very soon, immediately after birth, this problem will stop bothering you.