pregnancy 27 week signs Not so long ago your baby consisted ofseveral cells, but now at week 27, the period has begun when the child has all the organ systems. However, the remaining time they will develop and improve. In the last three months there has been an active increase in the brain, and let the skin of the baby still wrinkled, but at the time of pregnancy - the 27th week of ultrasound confirms that its proportions are close to the proportions of the newborn, and wrinkles are smoothed just before the birth. pregnancy 27 week symptomsIntrauterine child development at week 27and if premature birth begins, the likelihood of safe resolution of them constantly increases, at 27 weeks it is 85%, because until the time of delivery there is little less than 13 weeks, which means that the viability of the child increases every day. And with a mass of one kilogram, its growth is almost 24 cm. pregnancy 27 week uziUzi on the 27th week of pregnancy Pregnancy 27week symptoms: at this time in future moms the cholesterol level rises, this should not bother you, because pregnancy on the 27th week signs of increasing serum cholesterol indicate normal pregnancy. It is with the help of cholesterol that a large number of important hormones are produced, including progesterone. And progesterone is responsible for the development of your mammary glands and for the removal of spasms from the uterus and other muscles. Pregnancy Week 27Photo of the tummy at the 27th week of pregnancy Manypregnant women start actively gaining weight, do not worry, most of your weight is made up of amniotic fluid and increased blood volume. And for the entire pregnancy the expectant mother adds from 11 to 13 kg, the body weight is also increased due to a small puffiness of the skin and by increasing the mammary glands. And, if the average weight of mammary glands in non-pregnant is about 200 grams, then in pregnant women the weight of the breast reaches 800 grams. It is necessary to eat properly without overeating, and then after childbirth there will be practically no problems with the figure. However, pregnancy is not the time for any strict diets.