Pregnancy Week 13 Pregnancy Week 13: Symptoms. Congratulations! One third of the way you passed. Nausea in the morning will soon cease to bother you, you will become less irritable. However, many women are beginning to worry about constipation during the thirteenth week of pregnancy, although they may appear much later. The fact is that during pregnancy due to hormonal changes in the intestines weaken peristaltic activity. Therefore, the food masses with difficulty move around the intestines, and lingering, they become more dense. In addition, problems with the intestines can be a consequence of the growing uterus. To date, there is a huge assortment of laxatives. An experienced specialist will help you to choose the best solution for this problem. Pregnancy Week 13 SymptomsIntrauterine development of the baby at week 13Pregnancy Week 13: signs. At this time the fetus has already formed all the milk teeth, now they are waiting for their hour to erupt. The eyelids are still fused, because the eyes will open much later, only four months later. Now the child has long enough handles, very soon he will start to suck a thumb. On the thirteenth week, tissue begins to be laid, from which the head, limbs and other bones of the baby will later be formed. Chin and spout are already more clearly visible, a pair of ribs is already outlined. Very soon your baby's breast will begin to rise, as if breathing, the intestine occupies its proper place in the abdominal cavity. The pancreas is already producing insulin. pregnancy 13 week uziUzi at the 13th week of pregnancy Pregnancy 13week: uzi. At this stage of pregnancy, the placenta is already fully formed, will soon begin to produce hormones of progesterone and estriol. By the thirteenth week, the fetus is completely enveloped by a cloudy membrane, the umbilical cord leaves at the top on the left side. If you have a pregnancy 13 weeks, your baby grew up and became the size of a peach. Its length is about 65-78 mm, and its weight is from 14 to 20 grams. We advise you to read: