pregnancy 5 weeks To the period when pregnancy comes 5week - its presence does not cause doubts, the child no longer looks like a flat disc, now the baby looks like a cylindrical 1.5-2.5 mm in diameter. And in cell division, logic can be traced. And by the time when the pregnancy is diagnosed, 5 weeks of ultrasound can show where the child will have legs, back, handles and head. Already noticeable spinal cord and a neural tube running along it - this is the future spine of the child, to the top the neural tube is expanded - this is the future brain. It is for the proper formation of the central nervous system that folic acid, which the expectant mother should take regularly, is so important. pregnancy 5 week signsIntrauterine growth of the baby at week 5Pregnancy Week 5 Symptoms: The most important thing that happens during this period of pregnancy is the laying of the central nervous system and the heart, together with the formation of the heart, the upper respiratory tract is laid. At the same time, coven vessels and rudiments of the pancreas and liver begin to form. The embryo has a C-shaped shape, and in the course of the neural tube segments of tissue are formed from which further muscle tissue will develop. Already at this period, the embryo is protected by two membranes that look like a bubble, this yolk sac - it forms the blood cells for the embryo. The yolk sac, together with the embryo, occupies about 1 cm in diameter, the fraction of the embryo in it is only 1.5 mm. pregnancy 5 week uziUzi at the 5th week of pregnancy Pregnancy 5week signs are already evident: This is a toxicosis of the pregnant woman - the expectant mother is sick in the morning, some women are vomiting and craving for salty foods. Sometimes women notice that they become more likely to urinate or in the evening slightly swollen legs. But not all women suffer from toxicosis, some pregnant are lucky - they do not even feel mild morning sickness and habitual irritability. Those who are unlucky need to wait until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy - approximately in these terms the symptoms of early toxicosis end. If toxicosis poses a real danger to the life of the mother - it is necessary to see a doctor. In general, the first trimester from 1 to 13 weeks of pregnancy - the most important period in the development of the child, it is necessary to treat the future mother more closely, since at this time the probability of miscarriages is greatest. We advise you to read: