Pregnancy Week 29 Signs Pregnancy Day 29 is the time whenthe baby begins to prepare for an independent life, outside the uterus. He has already learned to regulate the temperature of his body, and the bone marrow of the child has completely taken over the production of red blood cells. The child actively urinates - on the day he releases at least half a liter of urine. His movements were completely different, if earlier he had somersaulted and performed various acrobatic stunts, now he is working more and more with his elbows and knees - there are not enough places in the uterus, but strength and perseverance have increased significantly. Pregnancy Week 29 SymptomsIntrauterine growth of the baby at week 29pregnancy The fatty layer increases and will soon reach 4% of the total body weight. The spleen has already begun to form blood cells responsible for immunity. But it is your antibodies that can protect it after birth, so it is so important to breastfeed as long as possible. On the teeth that are hidden in the gums are already formed enamel. And, if the entire pregnancy has gone without complications, then your baby's teeth will be healthy and strong. Pregnancy 29th week of an ultrasound examination shows that the weight of the child is about 1350 grams, with an increase of 26 cm. Premature birth at this stage in 90% of cases ends without complications. pregnancy 29 weeks signs of uzi symptomsUltrasound at the 29th week of pregnancy Pregnancy 29week symptoms: the closer to childbirth, the more pronounced discomfort in moms. Because of the growing fetus, internal organs change their location, and many of them have to make room. Correct posture, adequate physical activity and good nutrition - this is the guarantee of the well-being of the future mother. Since the bladder is under considerable pressure with an enlarged uterus, the woman has to go to the toilet more often, which can sometimes cause unpleasant sensations. Pregnancy Week 29Tummy at the 29th week of pregnancy Pregnancy 29week signs of the appearance of colostrum are already observed in many women. This is the first milk that stands out from the nipples of a woman and is a watery liquid, but real milk can only appear a day or two after giving birth. Colostrum contains a large number of antibodies, which is very important for the newborn, and in the future the production of milk will stimulate the hormone prolactin.