Pregnancy Day 33 signs At this stage, the toes and toes of the toddlercover the grooves - skin pattern. Pregnancy - 33 week uzi can show how he hustles and tumbles, he still has enough room for movement. However, it is gradually narrowing and by the end of this week the rolls will stop. Now the baby sleeps a lot, and waking up, he listens to both the surrounding sounds and his own feelings. Cognitive activity continues. Now millions of neurons in his brain are generating trillions of new connections. By the end of 33 weeks, the baby weighs about 2000 g. The length is about 30 centimeters. Pregnancy Week 33: Symptoms. From the moment of conception to this period, 7.5 months or 32 weeks have passed. During this period, the uterus increased significantly in size. Increasingly, there is a need for urination. Now the physiological anemia gradually loses its sharpness, as the number of blood cells comes back to normal and begins to correspond to the volume of the plasma. Pregnancy Week 33: signs. At this time, women can ache a bit and get numb hands, wrists and fingers. Every day a pregnant woman becomes more irresistible. Graceful plumes on sofas and armchairs, duck gait vain. At this stage, many women at night more often withdraw surprisingly bright dreams.