Pregnancy Week 40: signs, symptoms, uzi By this time, your baby was terribly tired ofdarkness, besides, he is already very closely in your stomach. Pregnancy week 40: ultrasound. The movements of the baby on the fortieth week of pregnancy are slowed down, he looks forward to the onset of his finest hour - the birth of a child. Now the baby has a protruding breast. This is a consequence of the high content of estrogen in a woman's blood. Your child asks to go outside. Take it! 96% of newborns are born head first. As soon as the head of the fetus erupts behind the vulval ring, the obstetrician, with the help of a vacuum pump, begins sucking mucus out of the baby's airways. This allows the newborn to make his first breath in life faster. Pregnancy Week 40: Symptoms. Expecting the onset of labor, your body has been preparing for this moment for a long time. And this long-awaited moment has come - you have started fights. Try not to get irritated and not nervous over trifles. Now you need to save strength for an important process - birth. Prepare to be hurt. If you decide to give up anesthesia, remember, you can change your mind at any time. Pregnancy Week 40: signs. On the appearance of the heir you will be informed by a loud cry of a new inhabitant of the planet Earth. You've done an incredibly difficult job! For this feat awaits you screaming and squinting from the light of your long-awaited baby - your treasure and your sequel. Soon after the birth of your baby is measured and weighed. Then the newborn will be taken away to take his first toilet in the life, receive prevention of gonoblenorrhea (eye disease) and bask. A tag with the year, the number and time of birth of the baby, and also your name is attached to the leg and handle of the newborn. The average weight of a newborn is about 3500 grams, the length is about 48-51 centimeters. We advise you to read: