Pregnancy Week 32: Signs At this stage of pregnancy the baby is already welldistinguishes sounds, hears everything that happens around: he recognizes the knock of your heart and is well acquainted with the sound of peristalsis and the noise of blood flowing through the umbilical cord. However, against the background of all these sounds, the child is already well aware of the mother's voice. The child's nervous system continues to develop. Now he is rapidly gaining weight. Pregnancy 32 weeks - uzi: By this time the head of the fetus becomes proportionate to the body, most of the wrinkles have already disappeared from the child's face. A decent amount of hair appeared on the head. The surface of the brain penetrates meanderings. This week, his pupils narrowed already, when light enters the face. Now your baby weighs about 1800 g, its length from the crown to the sacrum is about 29 centimeters. Pregnancy Week 32 Symptoms Pregnancy Week 32: Symptoms. Growing up to this time, the stomach is a lot of trouble. By this time, the kid has already turned his head down and rests his legs under the ribs of his mother. Often, with an unsuccessful push, the legs appear pain in the chest. So try to sit as straight as possible and follow your posture. Now the internal organs are slightly displaced, but this, as a rule, should not cause any concern. At this time, fluid retention in the body is not ruled out. As a result, the fingers and ankles are swollen, the veins swell. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear rings and over-tight clothes. Also at this stage, Braxton Hicks's uterine contractions may become more frequent. Continue to take rich in mineral substances and vitamins food supplements. Pregnancy Week 32: signs. Although your baby continues to grow intensively, the weight gain for 32 weeks of pregnancy should not exceed 11 kg. At this time, a woman may experience pain in the lower back, extending to the buttocks and lower limbs. Do not be afraid. This pain is caused by the pressure of the enlarged uterus on the sciatic nerve, which is typical for this period of pregnancy, as well as frequent urination. The number of stretch marks increases.