pregnancy 24 week signs At the timing of pregnancy, the 24th week of the fetus is alreadylarge enough. The child can no longer freely tumble in the uterine cavity, because for such active games it becomes cramped. But he also plays with the umbilical cord and feels the bladder, his acquaintance with the outside world becomes more active - he listens to all the sounds from outside and reacts to your experiences. Therefore, pregnant women from this period, it is not recommended to worry too much and worry. Pregnancy Week 24 signs of anxiety in a child can persist until several hours, during which the baby then fidgets anxiously, then on the contrary becomes unnecessarily active. pregnancy 24 week symptomsIntrauterine development of the baby at week 24However, in addition to this, the child is engaged in an important task - he continues to accumulate subcutaneous brown fat, which has a high energy value. Newborns are very sensitive to temperature changes, their thermoregulation is imperfect, so hypothermia can be potentially dangerous for it. Brown grease releases a large amount of energy during combustion, which allows maintaining a constant temperature. The respiratory system of the fetus develops more and more actively, end capsules are formed at the ends of the capillaries, which are separated from the alveoli by a thin film. Until that time, oxygen did not enter the fetal blood system, and beginning with the 24th week, a surfactant, a surfactant, is produced. This substance forms a film on the alveolar sacs, so they do not close in the process of breathing. In the last weeks of pregnancy, the production of surfactant is significantly increased. The child is already beginning to develop in the direction to live an independent life outside the uterus. Pregnancy 24 weeks of ultrasound examination shows that the growth of the child is about 21 cm, and its weight is almost 550 grams. pregnancy 24 week ultrasoundUzi at 24 weeks gestation Pregnancy 24week symptoms. A significant increase in weight can worsen a woman's health, fatigue, headaches, swelling and problems with urination, because the bottom of the uterus now stands above the navel. Comfortable shoes, foot massage will help to remove fatigue from your feet. To give them extra rest in the evening - keep them above the level of the heart. Resting thus reduces and swelling of the legs. Pregnancy Week 24Tummy of the future mother at 24 weeks gestationIt is noted that it is at this time that the probability of premature birth is higher, especially in the summer months. This is due to a large loss of liquid, which means it is important to maintain an optimal water balance, especially in the warm season. It is important to know the signs of premature birth, so that pregnancy can be preserved. If uterine contractions are repeated more often than five times per hour, and bloody discharge starts from the genital tract, you need to call an ambulance. The danger of premature birth is also evidenced by acute or long-lasting pain in the abdomen, the passage of clear liquid from the genital tract, prolonged vomiting and a feeling of pressure in the lower part of the pelvis. The sooner a pregnant woman receives qualified care, the higher the chances of maintaining a pregnancy. We advise you to read: