pregnancy 1 week The highest probability of occurrenceof pregnancy occurs at the time of ovulation, that is, 12-14 days after the start of the last menstruation, it is from this day that pregnancy takes its first week, which is practically not noticeable for a woman. Obstetrician-gynecologist begins counting of ten obstetric months of pregnancy from the date of last menstruation. Pregnancy Week 1 Symptoms: A woman's body prepares for the onset of pregnancy every month and even before the time of fertilization, the hormonal background is restructured. And only one of three hundred thousand eggs will be ready for fertilization. This week can be called the first week of pregnancy not yet due, because the gene set of the unborn child is half known. If you are planning a pregnancy, then 3-4 weeks before the onset, you need to go through a set of activities aimed at improving your condition, so that the pregnancy goes without complications and the baby is born healthy. If the pregnancy has come unplanned, then you need to start taking care of yourself and the future baby right now. Of course, pregnancy 1 week ultrasound is not yet confirmed, but within you a new life is already developing. First you need to give up alcohol and nicotine even in small doses, pregnant women are contraindicated in stuffy and smoky rooms - so often ventilate the apartment. If you are planning a pregnancy or the likelihood of its occurrence is high, then refuse to take medications. Any medicines should be prescribed during this period by a doctor, and their effect can be learned by contacting the medical genetic center. Before and during pregnancy, you need to take special vitamin complexes. Vitrum Prenatal and Multi-Tabs Perinatal contain all the necessary minerals and vitamins. For a future mother, it is important that the daily dose of folic acid is at least 0.4 g, since the cause of most of the birth defects is a lack of folic acid. The doctor still does not diagnose pregnancy. 1 week signs are not yet reliable, but a future mother needs to refrain from staying in crowded places to reduce the likelihood of viral infections - rubella can be extremely dangerous for the fetus. It is necessary to follow the masked regime, if at home someone is sick with colds. Those around should help the pregnant woman cope with difficulties and stresses, as well as protect her from harmful influences on the fetus. It happens, if the mother works in harmful production and contacts with chemicals. Now is not the time to start new pets - they can be infected, if you already have animals, then put all the necessary vaccinations. And even if you feel good and completely abandoned coffee, chocolate and other food harmful to your baby, you need to visit a doctor, since you are now responsible for the health of your future baby. We advise you to read: