Pregnancy Week 19 features 19 weeks of pregnancy is a stage of active growthand the formation of the central nervous system of the baby. The head of the child is still disproportionate to the whole body, since the brain now has many functions, which is the key to normal intrauterine development. All nerve cells, whose task is to connect the central nervous system and muscles, are already at their proper places, which is why the child's movements become more logical and perfect. Pregnancy Week 19 SymptomsIntrauterine growth of the baby at week 19There are already rudiments of milk teeth, but the rudiments of permanent teeth are already laid. The growth of the baby is slightly suspended, but the fat layer begins to form, which is an important source of heat for the newborn, the greatest thickness it reaches on the neck, behind the chest and around the kidneys. The child's eyes do not open yet, but even in the closed state they react well to the light, and the child turns to the light source. Lungs continue to develop, they have a more perfect vascular network, bronchioles also increase in size. Pregnancy Week 19 - Ultrasound examination shows that the length of the child is about 13-15 cm, and its weight has already reached 200 grams, that is, your baby is the size now with a small zucchini. Pregnancy Week 19 UziTummy at 19 week of pregnancy Pregnancy 19week symptoms: Pregnancy Week 19 signs of wiggling the fetus are already pronounced well, so they are felt even by previously unfertilized women. In addition, women continue to gain weight, the hips become wider, and the abdomen increases. This can affect the posture and sleep. Try to find a convenient position for a night rest was good. It's time to start going to school for psycho-preventive preparation for childbirth and for school of motherhood. Your obstetrician-gynecologist will tell you where they conduct such exercises. The parturients who have received the necessary training have much fewer complications in the birth and early postpartum periods. We advise you to read: