Pregnancy Week 38: signs, symptoms, uzi This week, the original lubricant becamesignificantly less. The child lost lanugo. Before birth, he daily weighs about 30 grams, his bowel is completely filled with waste life. Pregnancy week 38: uzi. The kid continues to intensively prepare for birth and life outside the womb. There is very little time left until his birth. Now the baby weighs about 3100 grams, its length is about 35 centimeters. Pregnancy Week 38: Symptoms. If you have this second birth, then they are likely to start from day to day. After all, longer than this period, only 5% of maternity mothers move around. Many women before real bouts can experience false. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish them, they can be as strong as real bouts. How to distinguish them? Very simple. False bouts, as a rule, stop at movement, while the real ones continue in any position. Pregnancy Week 38: signs. Many women at this stage feel as if an electric current runs from the bottom of the abdomen to the legs. This is caused by seizing the nerve trunks when the fetus is lowered deeper into the pelvis.