Pregnancy Week 31 signs Pregnancy Week 31: uzi suggests that at this term of pregnancy the fetus continues to grow and develop, he has already mastered sucking. At this stage, the kid is already well-functioning kidneys, but urine is still excreted into the amniotic fluid. Through the circulatory system of the uterus, which is in close contact with the circulatory system of the placenta, now passes about 500 ml of blood. In this case, the blood of the future mother never mixes with the baby's blood. This is due to a thin septum - separating the placental barrier. The skin of the fetus on this period of pregnancy takes a pink color, under it begins to be deposited white fatty tissue. Therefore, the blood vessels are no longer visible through it. Legs on the handles and legs reach the fingertips. The pupil of the child almost like an adult begins to react not only to light, but also to darkness. Your baby weighs about 1600 g, its length from the crown to the sacrum is about 28 centimeters. Pregnancy Week 31 - Mom's Symptoms: At this time of pregnancy, back pain is almost inevitable. The thing is that the muscles and ligaments of the back are now in a relaxed state, resting, preparing for the process of childbirth. At this stage, pregnant women are more likely to expand their veins on their legs. Pregnancy Week 31 - Signs: During the entire preceding period of pregnancy, a woman usually accumulates about 8.5 kilograms of excess weight, which consists of the weight of the fetus itself, the enlarged uterus, amniotic fluid and the placenta, including the total amount of blood in the vessels. At this stage, the stomach continues to increase in volume. May disturb the unpleasant sensations in the pelvic region and chest. This is due to the fact that your growing up kid requires more space. The uterus, increasing in size, displaces other internal organs from its habitual places, thereby creating some difficulties for the normal functioning of the stomach. That's why some women begin to worry about heartburn. Therefore, fractional food is recommended. At this time, the woman's body begins to produce relaxin, a special hormone that causes weakening of the connective tissues of the pelvic bones. Why the pelvic ring of the mother becomes more stretchy and supple. Thanks to this at birth, the child experiences less difficulties.