Pregnancy 2 weeks Pregnancy 2 weeks of which is not yet noticeableexternally - important for the baby's future, since at that time a single egg is determined, and it is this egg-leader that will have to take its place in the graaf bubble. The graaff bubble grows in size and protrudes above the surface of the ovary. Pregnancy Week 2 signs: During the 2 weeks of the next pregnancy, the preparation of a single ovum to ovulation takes place, as a result of which a mature egg from the ovary enters the abdominal cavity and from there into the uterine tube. It is in the fallopian tube that the egg and sperm meet, after which a new life arises. If you are planning a pregnancy 2 weeks of ultrasound and an ovulation test will prompt the best time for fertilization. Usually this is the middle of the menstrual cycle, so several days before the planned conception, you must refrain from sexual intercourse. 3-4 days of abstinence will allow a man to increase the number of spermatozoa in seminal fluid, which means that the probability of conception will be almost 100%. pregnancy 2 week signs Future pregnancy 2 week symptoms of which youalready know, requires not only the pope's abstinence, but also the observance of simple rules and on the part of the mother. Do not use aggressive detergents that can change the acidity of the vagina before sexual intercourse, if you want to become pregnant, first of all it concerns syringing. Spermatozoa are too sensitive to the slightest changes in acidity, so simple hygienic procedures are sufficient. The missionary position and the knee-elbow, when the man is behind, are the best positions for conception. After ejaculation, a woman is recommended to lie down for 20-30 minutes on her back, or with a raised pelvis. Such simple rules will increase the likelihood of conception. We advise you to read: