Pregnancy Day 23 signs When the period of 23 weeks is reached, the baby's skinreddish and looks slightly saggy because the forming fatty layer does not keep up with the formation of the skin, although the accumulation of fat occurs much faster. Skin color is caused by an increase in the number of pigment cells - it becomes less transparent. The activity of the baby is already noticeable not only during the examination of pregnancy. The 23rd week of ultrasound, many moms notice slight and gentle tremors, especially those that gave birth earlier. Pregnancy Week 23 SymptomsIntrauterine growth of the baby at week 23During an endoscopic examination, it is evident that the child, clutching at the umbilical cord, repels from the fetal bladder or plays. His body is able to absorb part of the liquid that he swallows, and the remnants are released into the amniotic fluid along with the urine. Pregnancy Week 23 signs of hiccups in a baby are often felt by the mother: the fruit seems to bounce inside of you. The intestine continues to accumulate the original cal - meconium, the cervical hairs become dark, and the nails are almost formed. Its length from the crown to the sacrum is about 20 cm, and the weight is about 450 grams. pregnancy 23 week ultrasoundTummy of the mother at 23 week of pregnancyPregnancy is 23 week symptoms. Some pregnant women may begin false bouts on Braxton Hicks. These are sudden slightly painful spasms of the uterus, which indicate that the uterus has begun preparations for the forthcoming birth. If you put your hand on your stomach, you can feel these muscle contractions. In most cases, these bouts do not pose a threat to pregnancy, since they have nothing to do with true labor.