pregnancy 15 weeks Pregnancy week 15 is characterized by the fact thatthe cardiac activity of the child begins to work more actively, the small heart misses about 23 liters of blood per day, and through the thin skin the blood vessels are clearly visible. Skin color is closer to red than to pink. The handles can already bend at the elbows, and the palms are compressed into small fists, thin tender hairs appear in the eyebrows and on the body, and if the baby is dark-haired, the skin cells are already producing the pigment melanin. The formation of the bone and central nervous system is in full swing. The gall bladder also begins to work, it already releases bile, which gives a black and green shade to the original feces. pregnancy 15th week signsIntrauterine growth of the baby at week 15Pregnancy 15 weeks signs of which and your tummy are already noticeable to others, the baby has a regular emptying of the bladder. Entering the amniotic fluid, urine helps maintain its composition, but to preserve sterility and chemical composition, amniotic fluid is renewed at least 8 times a day. A fetal bladder with amniotic fluid is a good protection for the baby from mechanical injuries, and the amniotic fluid allows the child to move freely. pregnancy 15 week uziUzi at 15 weeks of gestation Optimalthe development of internal organs is sometimes impossible with the pathology of the fetal bladder or the wrong composition of the amniotic fluid. Water, that is, amniotic fluid is a natural habitat for the child, it is comfortable and convenient, so giving birth in water and learning to swim children at an early age are popular all over the world. Pregnancy 15 Week Symptoms. By this time, both future parents and relatives manage to realize the rapid addition in the family, so they are trying to help and support future parents. Attention and support are now especially important for both mother and child, pregnancy 15 weeks of ultrasound already shows your child in all its glory, so from this time on ultrasound can and should come together. Pregnancy Week 15 SymptomsTummy on week 15 Sometimes a woman canupset the presence of a dark pigmented line that stretches from the navel to the pubis. This line appears in all pregnant women due to the deposition of pigment-melanin and hormonal adjustment in the body of the future mother, after childbirth from the pigmentation of the abdomen there will be no trace. It is in these terms that Mom reconsiders her wardrobe and gives preference to loose clothes, since many of the skirts and trousers she wore before pregnancy become narrow. The bottom of the uterus is located below the navel at 7.5 cm, this can be felt by the mother herself, if she gently probes her tummy. This is the most fertile time of pregnancy - toxicosis in the past, you are no longer sick, and you are no longer nervous for every trifle, and the doctor will be able to determine the approximate date of the baby's appearance. We advise you to read: