Pregnancy Week 37: signs, symptoms, uzi Although this week the baby is already fully ready forIn his nervous system, changes continue to occur - a protective envelope is created around the nerves. However, this process will not be completed soon, it will continue for the entire first year of the child's life. Pregnancy week 37: uzi. On the thirty-seventh week, the baby's lungs are already in full swing producing a surfactant. The baby is fully developed and ready for the birth and breathing of the air. But this does not mean that it ceases to grow and develop. Now your baby weighs about 2950g, its length is about 35 centimeters. Every day he takes on 30 grams of fat. Pregnancy Week 37: Symptoms. This week, primiparous women may be precursors of childbirth, but you can reach the end of their term. But if the woman has already given birth, or is pregnant with twins, the birth can begin already on this date. The head of the child falls into the pelvic region. The pressure on the internal organs is somewhat weakened, as a result of which the woman will feel some relief. From now on, breathing and even eating will become much easier. However, at this time the uterus begins to press more strongly on the bladder. Pregnancy Week 37: signs. Women this week continue to have a frequent need for urination. From this point on, your pregnancy is considered "full". And if now you have a baby, doctors will not stop them. We advise you to read: