plastic of the vagina The very theme of intimate surgery is perceivedsociety, as something rather piquant, which is not customary to talk about. In fact, the achievements of intimate surgery have helped many women become happier, which means that this topic is worthy of attention and discussion. A modern woman, knows perfectly well what sex should be and wishes to receive maximum pleasure from him. But, unfortunately, such pathologies as an insensitive clitoris or enlarged vagina, can cause dissatisfaction with the sexual life, because with such pathologies a woman will not experience orgasm. In modern conditions, the attitude to problems of this kind has radically changed, because now intimate surgery allows you to correct these problems. Yes, and women themselves are not so afraid and complex, referring to specialists on such sensitive issues, because resorting to plastic gynecology, they can get rid of complexes and discomfort in their personal lives.

Reasons and solutions to the problem

Every woman wants to endure and give birth to a healthychild, but during childbirth through the genital tract of a woman must pass a rather large head of the child, about a dozen centimeters in diameter. As a result, the tissues of the perineum and the vagina greatly stretch, and if the mother has a narrow pelvis or an incorrect behavior during childbirth, it may even burst. In some cases, doctors even specially cut crotch tissue cuts to prevent ruptures and injuries. It is especially undesirable to allow the perineal tissue to break at the back. But if this has already happened, then you will have to resort to the plastic of the vagina after childbirth. Of course, after the completion of labor, these tears and incisions are sewn, but, unfortunately, sometimes the effects of labor are limited not only by stitches. Even when the gaps completely heal, the entrance to the vagina becomes much wider than it was before. The result can be completely unpleasant - a woman can completely lose the ability to get pleasure from sexual intercourse. This is because the slightly weakened and wide ring of the vagina can not grasp the male's genital organ as tightly as necessary for pleasure. Thus, at the end of time, a married couple may have major problems in sexual life. To solve the problem with the stretched muscles of the vagina, women try to pump the muscles of the pelvic floor, but for the most part, this does not bring proper results, because the problem is not the stretching of the muscles, but in their sizes that do not allow enough reduction in the walls of the vagina. Help in this trouble is possible with the help of a fairly simple and rapid operation for intimate vaginal plasty - the surgeon will correct the shape of the vagina, and the problem will be solved. Vaginal plasty can be recommended for women aged 25-50 years, after severe labor or a difficult postpartum period (ruptures of the perineum and vagina, vaginalisation of the vagina). This operation will also help with partial incontinence of urine under tension or sneezing. Vaginal surgery can be performed for medical reasons or at the request of the client. vaginal plastic pictures

The essence of the operation

The main indication for surgery is stretchingvagina after childbirth, trauma and rupture. The procedure can also be resorted to in the event of narrowing of the entrance to the vagina, which can lead to pain during sexual intercourse. In some women, the vagina is absent from nature: it is an extremely rare congenital pathology that does not allow a woman to live a full life. Intimate plastic vagina makes it possible, in the truest sense of the word, to create a new vagina, and, without using foreign tissues. After such an operation, the patient has to stay a little longer in the hospital under the supervision of doctors, because this operation is more complicated than the operation where the anterior and posterior plastic of the vagina is performed. In general, the plasticity of the vagina means (in any case) a series of operations aimed at recreating the aesthetic appearance and functionality of female genital organs. For the choice of the method of vaginal muscle plasty, it is also necessary to undergo a preliminary examination that will help the surgeon determine the condition of the vaginal walls and find out which technique should be used for surgical treatment. Depending on the complexity of the problem, several types of plastic can be distinguished: anterior colporaphy (plastic of the anterior wall of the vagina), posterior colporaphy (plastic of the posterior wall of the vagina), and a decrease in the entrance to the vagina. Anterior colporaphy is usually combined with operations to restore the pelvic floor and restore the position of the uterus. To achieve a positive result, simultaneous anterior and posterior plastic of the vagina, in case of their weakness, is also possible. When preparing for surgery, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination - any diseases at the time of surgery, including the common cold, are unacceptable. If you smoke, drop it, at least a week before the operation. Vaginal plastic surgery is performed under general anesthesia, the duration of the operation is no more than 1.5 hours. Its essence is as follows: the anterior or posterior wall of the vagina is pulled down, then the tissue flap is removed at the level of the vaginal passage into the cervix. Thus, the size of the vagina becomes slightly smaller. The cosmetic cross-linking itself is carried out by resorbable sutures. The procedure itself is carried out practically without incisions, and, therefore, there will be no visible seams. All the manipulations the surgeon makes on the threshold of the vagina, near the perineum with the help of clamps, with which the wall of the vagina is pulled outward. Then the necessary flap of tissue is removed and several seams are applied which will dissolve with time. Look to see the subtleties of such an operation as the plastic of the vagina of the photo and the images of the stages of the operation. This will help you understand that this operation is really extremely simple and safe. After the operation, a rehabilitation period must be completed. Movement is limited to a full two weeks, depending on the rate of healing and the presence of inflammation.

What will this operation give you?

The size of the vagina will decrease, the complexes will disappear andphysical discomfort, urinary incontinence and inconvenience in sexual life will disappear. After the operation, temporary disturbances of the body condition will be observed for a while. Temporarily, after the operation of plasty of the anterior wall of the vagina, the woman will experience unpleasant or painful sensations during movements, minor hemorrhages may occur in the first days after the operation, there may be a decrease in sensitivity in the operation area, but after one or two weeks the sensitivity will recover. After the operation, for some time, avoid visiting the sauna, bath, do not expose the body to physical exertion and try to change hot baths to the shower. For 10 days after the operation, the patient is contraindicated to sit down. You should also abstain from sexual activity for 1.5 - 2 months. There are a number of contraindications to the plasticity of the vagina. You can not perform surgery for diseases of the genitalia in the stage of exacerbation, with violations of blood coagulability, when pelvic organs are lowered. Vaginal plastic can be performed as an independent procedure or in combination with other operations. For example, the plastic of the back wall of the vagina can be performed in conjunction with an operation to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Women who did vaginal plastic surgery were not disappointed in 99% of cases. If over the years you have lost the joy of intimacy, it is probably the fault of stretching the tissues of the vagina and the plastic surgery you just need. The plasticity of the vagina after childbirth, will help restore a healthy healthy life to a woman and will become a real salvation. Because of various deformities and pathologies in the vagina, women can develop complexes, there will be uncertainty about their own attractiveness. Vaginal plastic surgery will help you strengthen its walls and increase the overall muscle tone. Do not tolerate inconvenience and deprive yourself of a full life, when you can contact a specialist and cope with this delicate problem very quickly. With the help of surgery, you solve both medical and aesthetic problems at the same time. Perhaps you will be helped to decide on such a procedure as the plasticity of the vagina reviews satisfied customers, and you will find them enough, because the lives of many women cardinally changes after the operation. We advise you to read: