Rhinoplasty is a common plastic surgery Today in plastic surgery are useda variety of techniques that can solve even the most complex problems. As a result, patients have the opportunity to turn to professionals who will help them regain attractiveness, self-confidence and peace of mind. Among the common operations is the plastic of the nose. It allows you to reduce the size, adjust the shape, and also solve breathing problems. Thus, similar procedures are performed not only for aesthetic, but also for medical indications. These events are considered to be one of the most difficult and responsible. Therefore, when choosing a specialist, you must be extremely careful. You can entrust the process only to a competent and experienced physician who has behind his shoulders many years of successful practice. Such specialists are able to perform both full nose plasty and correct some details: change the shape of the nostrils or the width of the bridge of the nose, correct the back, wings, tip of the nose, etc. As for age, rhinoplasty is performed for people whose age ranges from 20 to 35-40 years. Such an age period is the most optimal, since the person has already completed the formation of the facial skeleton, and the skin remains sufficiently elastic and elastic, has the properties to quickly recover. In cases where the patient is in old age, the specialist needs to approach the process more thoroughly and carefully, since in such a situation the stages of scarring are longer, the skin is less elastic, and the facial features become larger. The complexity of nose plasty is also in the fact that with changes in this part, there is a change in the facial features as a whole. To ensure that the final result fully satisfied the person, the specialist should carry out the activities at the most professional level. Today, doctors use two basic methods of performing similar procedures. This can be a closed method (the incision is made on the mucous membrane of the nose, it can not be seen externally) and open (the cut is done outside, under the nose). Of course, the first option is more aesthetic and less traumatic, in addition, the recovery period in this case is much faster. Nevertheless, the choice of a particular species is determined by a professional surgeon, which takes into account all the features and nuances in each particular situation.