correct laser scars removal Every woman wants to be beautiful, and thissometimes it is very difficult to reach if there are scars on the body and face. It can be acne scars, scars from appendicitis are frequent on the body. You can get rid of them and replace them with normal skin. In this regard, such a procedure as the removal of scars and scars is becoming increasingly in demand. Modern medicine offers several methods of removing scars, chemical and mechanical effects on the skin are applied. However, laser scars removal techniques are becoming increasingly popular, which has a number of advantages. The fact is that only laser exposure starts the process of intensive collagen production and promotes the renewal of skin cells. Thus, not only the scar is removed, but the skin also becomes younger. It should be noted that only laser removal provides a bactericidal effect, which excludes infectious infections. In addition, such a procedure is painless. When removing scars with a laser, complications after treatment are extremely rare. It should be noted that removal of scars by laser is always carried out individually. Much depends on the type of scar tissue, what condition the skin is in. It matters the age of the patient and many other factors. For today there are several methods of removing scars by laser, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to tell about the peculiarities of each method. The most widely used laser resurfacing of scars with the help of neodymium and carbon dioxide devices. scars removal by neodymium method

The neodymium method

Neodymium laser is a part of non-ablationmedical equipment. Influencing the skin, it does not damage the upper tissues, which is one of the main advantages of such a laser. Its ray penetrates deep into the scar and acts on it from the inside, which gives a greater effect. If such an operation is performed by a competent specialist, then it is possible to remove any scars and scars, including keloid and atrophic ones, which are very difficult to remove by other methods. It is noteworthy that the neodymium laser affects the scars of different species in different ways. So, if you need to remove a keloid scar, then it is influenced by an extra-long laser pulse, the vessels are destroyed, the nutrients to the scar cease to approach, the synthesis of collagen ceases. As a result, the scar ceases to grow, which leads to its decrease, and after some time to its complete disappearance. If a scar of an atrophic type is removed, the neodymium laser is installed in a different way, that is, the laser beam stimulates intensive production of collagen. The scar after such impact is smoothed, becomes more elastic, completely compared with the surface of the skin. The pulse frequency and power are controlled by a specialist using a computer. One of the features of the neodymium laser is that it can penetrate the skin up to 2 mm or more, with minimal effect on the epidermis. different methods of removing scars

Carbon dioxide method

Ablative equipment refers tocarbon dioxide laser, it acts on the tissue in a destructive manner. Painful sensations with this procedure are not felt, since local anesthesia is performed before it. It can be an anesthetic cream or an injection at the base of the scar. The basis of this procedure is to start active synthesis of collagen, which rejuvenates the skin, causing rapid division of healthy cells. This results in the formation of a new skin tissue. The difference of this method of removing scars in comparison with the first is that the laser beam has an effect directly on the surface of the skin. But in place of the removed skin, a new, healthy tissue very quickly forms, which can be achieved thanks to the synthesis of collagen. The removal of scars and scars by a carbon dioxide type laser is unique in that it is possible to correct all varieties of scars and scars. It should be noted that the result after such a procedure becomes noticeable within a week after it is carried out, this time is necessary to restore the skin. Completely the skin is restored in 3-6 months depending on the depth and magnitude of the scar. Until the skin is fully restored, the necessary precautions should be taken, in particular, it must not be allowed to have direct sunlight on the skin. This method is also good in that age wrinkles disappear, the skin is smoothed. The procedure for removing scars with a laser is effective and painless, and the results in most cases are excellent.

Contraindications to removal of scars by laser

It should be noted that not everyone can remove scars with a laser. There is a contraindication for such a procedure:

  • skin diseases (inflammation, psoriasis, eczema, allergies);
  • diabetes mellitus (if it occurs in severe form);
  • oncological skin diseases.

Do not use this method if a womanis in a state of pregnancy. He also has some side effects, and first of all one should note hyperpigmentation of the skin. However, this can be prevented, if not sunbathe for a while, and before going out on the street in sunny weather, use an ultraviolet filter. After the laser resurfacing is over, the doctor prescribes a treatment that will help accelerate skin renewal and prevent its pigmentation. Within 7 days after such a procedure, the following should be taken into account:

  • it is mandatory to take those antibacterial drugs prescribed by the attending physician;
  • a sauna, a solarium and a sauna are inadmissible during this period;
  • the skin needs to be nourished and moistened with appropriate means;
  • when taking care of the skin, it is contraindicated to use preparations containing alcohol;
  • after such procedure some time there can be painful sensations, puffiness, however to be afraid in this occasion does not follow, as much as 10 days all this will pass.

By resorting to such procedure as laser removal of scars, one can count on achieving a good cosmetic effect if all the recommendations of the attending physician are observed.