krasota Plastic surgery continues to gainpopularity, as they allow you to eliminate the shortcomings of appearance and even to some extent restore the lost youth. One of the most popular procedures is blepharoplasty or eyelid correction. This is a relatively simple operation, however, any surgical intervention requires strict adherence to the rules of rehabilitation. We'll talk about them in this article. First of all, it should be said that this procedure should be planned in advance, since rehabilitation lasts up to 14 days. Be sure to take a vacation at work, because even the perfect observance of the doctor's instructions will not be able to remove swelling in a couple of days and remove bruises. But do not be afraid of pain, passes quickly and painlessly. To minimize puffiness to a minimum, immediately after the procedure, a cooling bandage is applied to the eyes. Also, be prepared to stay in the clinic for the night, although the next day you can go home. On the second day, even the washing of the head is allowed, but do not strain the tissues, so make sure that soapy water is less likely to get on your eyelids. Fans of reading or watching TV can be disappointed that during 2-3 days after discharge, any eye strain should be avoided. Restrictions apply including to work at the computer. Edema is inevitable in any plastic surgery, so do not worry about having it. But the exact execution of all the prescription of the doctor will make swelling less noticeable. For more information on blepharoplasty, see , which provides interesting and detailed information. Compliance with the rules will reduce puffiness as early as 6-7 days after the procedure. Here are a few basic instructions for the rehabilitation period:

  • regularly drip in the eye antiseptic drops;
  • in the first week, do not apply decorative cosmetics to the eyelids;
  • When problems with vision, you need to give up lenses and give preference to glasses;
  • protect the eyes from the sun with sunglasses and avoid too bright light;
  • Limit exercise for 3-5 days;
  • Do not take a very hot shower and bath so that there is no hemorrhage;
  • perform special exercises;
  • do not take any medication without consulting a doctor;
  • give up alcohol, and limit smoking.

Correctly conducted rehabilitation periodafter correction of the eyelids will speed up healing and avoid complications. Sutures are usually removed on the seventh day, but traces will be noticeable for a couple of weeks, but the effect will last at least 10 years. Remember that it's about your beauty, so it's worth the effort.