pimples on the forehead Very many people complain about this annoyinga phenomenon like pimples on the forehead. Simply put, the whole skin of the face is clean, but on the forehead there are ugly rashes. Of course, you can make a haircut with a bang, hiding the pimples in this way. But masking the problem is not the best way out, because acne does not disappear anywhere. But do not be upset - in most cases get rid of acne on the forehead is not so difficult. Even at home, mind you. However, a visit to a dermatologist should also not be ignored - in some cases, the appearance of acne can signal the presence of malfunctions in the body. Therefore, if you can not get rid of acne yourself within a month, seek medical help.

Causes of Acne

Surely you've heard about the so-called T-zone. So - the skin on the forehead just in this area and refers. On the forehead contains a huge amount of both sweat and sebaceous glands - that's why acne in the first place appear right there. The reasons can be very different:

  • Gastrointestinal tract

The first thing you should pay attention to is the work of your digestive tract. Problems with the stomach, intestines and pancreas often lead to the appearance of acne on the forehead.

  • Diet

It is very important to review your diet. Acne will not take long to wait in the event that in your menu an excessive amount of fatty, fried and canned food and sweet. Especially cocoa and chocolate - they are the best friends of acne. In addition, you need to exclude coffee, cocoa and all fizzy drinks - they also do not have the most favorable effect on the skin condition.

  • Medications

If acne arose after the onset of admissionany pharmacological drugs - whether medicines, vitamin-mineral or complex complexes, be sure to inform your doctor about it. In some cases, it is the drugs that trigger the development of rashes.

  • Wrong skin care

If your skin is prone to fat, it is very important to look after it properly. If you do not properly and regularly cleanse the skin, then do not be surprised, where again there were ill-fated acne. acne on the forehead

Means for purification

The first stage of medical skin care ispurification. In the event that the skin on the forehead is dirty, you will not be able to get rid of pimples in any way. Of course, you can buy cosmetic cleansers. But folk recipes are no worse:

  • Oat flakes

Oat flakes are the simplest and most effectivemeans. To make it, grind in a coffee grinder three tablespoons of oatmeal, put the resulting powder in a container with a lid and pour one glass of water, insist for five hours. Use the resulting infusion as a gel for washing - it perfectly cleanses the pores, pulls them together and eliminates inflammation.

  • Chamomile gel

This gel is especially effective if acne onforeheads often become inflamed. For its preparation, put in a thermos three tablespoons of dry chemist's chamomile and pour 100 grams of steep boiling water. Insist for at least a day, and then carefully strain with gauze tissue - squeeze out the liquid from the chamomile. Then add the resulting infusion with a baby shower gel - without perfumes and dyes, mix thoroughly to make the mass become homogeneous. Use it as a regular gel for washing. By the way, about washing. Very often, women make the same mistake - they wash their face with detergent twice a day. They believe that in this way they can get rid of acne. In fact, this is not so! In the morning just rinse your face with warm water. Otherwise, the sweat and sebaceous glands will begin to work even more actively. So, there will be more pimples.

Healing Masks

You can not do without therapeutic masks - they will removeinflammation, clear the pores and, most importantly, help to avoid the appearance of new rashes. Remember that it is very important to strictly follow the formula for cooking masks. And make masks regularly - otherwise the desired effect will not be achieved.

  • Cottage cheese mask

The easiest way to cope with extendedpores and acne - this is the usual cottage cheese, preferably defatted. Apply it on clean skin with a thick layer and leave for about 15 minutes. After this, wash the face with plenty of water and apply a moisturizer. Such a mask should be done at least three times a week, for a month. But remember that from this mask it is necessary to refuse in the event that you visit a sun deck or sunbathe in the sun. This recommendation is explained simply - the mask has an easy whitening effect. So, there is a risk that the pigmentation will be uneven and the skin will not be decorated with not very attractive pigment spots.

  • Honey mask

It would be inexcusable not to talk about a mask fromhoney and aloe - it can help get rid of acne on the forehead in the shortest possible time. Just be careful - honey can provoke an allergic reaction. Therefore, in the event that you are not sure of the reaction of your body, conduct an allergy test. This is done simply - apply a small amount of the finished mask to the skin behind the ear and leave it for 20 minutes. If there are no rashes, redness, burning and itching - you can safely make a mask, because you do not have allergies. So, you need a tablespoon of any honey - the main thing is that it was natural and two twigs of aloe. Aloe must first be put in a freezer for three days. Then remove the leaves from the skin and crush it very carefully - until the puree state. On a water bath, melt the honey, cool it a little and add the aloe vera, mix well. Apply the mask to a clean and slightly steamed face with a thin layer, leave for about 30 minutes. After this, rinse the skin with cool water. Such a mask must be done every other day, until the pimples completely disappear. Keep the mask for a long time - about a month. The main thing - in a tightly closed glass container and exclusively in the refrigerator.

  • Chamomile Mask

If acne on the forehead is constantly inflamed,try a course of chamomile masks. Chamomile has not only bactericidal, but also anti-inflammatory properties, which you will use in the fight against acne. You will need five tablespoons of chamomile and a glass of boiling water. Pour chamomile with hot water and leave to infuse for two or three hours. After that, lightly squeeze the daisy and apply it on the problem areas of the skin with a thick layer. From above, cover the camomile with a plastic wrap and leave for about 30 minutes. After this, wash off the mask with plenty of cool water. You will see obvious improvements after the first application. The mask is harmless and you can do it every day until the pimples disappear completely. acne on forehead treatment

Lotions from acne

If you want to eliminate acne and acne on the forehead as quickly as possible, it is worth adding to the course of treatment also lotions. They are prepared not so difficult, and the effect will be simply stunning. So:

  • Birch kidney lotion

This lotion is especially effective ifyou are vexed not only by pimples on the forehead, but also by acne. But with eels in the forehead to fight the hardest! Most often, no matter what, the eels come back again and again. For the preparation of birch lotion, buy in the pharmacy birch buds and hydrogen peroxide. The buds are placed in a glass container, pour 50 grams of vodka and leave for a day. Then add a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and add 50 grams of water. The resulting lotion wipe problem areas of the face at least two or three times a day.

  • Lotion of horsetail and linden

This lotion helps with any dermalrashes, whether it be pimples on the forehead or acne on the chin. Put a tablespoon of herbs in a glass container, fill them with half a glass of vodka and close them tightly. Insist lotion should be about 10 days and best in the fridge. After the lotion is infused, add another half of the glass with cold, (preferably boiled) water and shake well. This lotion problem areas of the skin enough to wipe only once a day. And it's best to do this before bed. In some cases, mild skin peeling may occur. If this happened to you, just make the lotion less concentrated - add another third of a glass of water. We advise you to read: