pilaf with chicken What is a pilaf? This is one of the most favorite dishes not only of Eastern, but also of European cuisine. Many housewives are trying to please their household with this delicious and varied dish. Plov can be cooked not only in a cauldron, a scallop or in a saucepan on a stove, but also in the oven, for example, chicken pilaf in pots. From this, the taste of pilaf will not change, but will only become more saturated.

What is a pilaf?

There are so many recipes in cookingcooking pilaf, which consists always of two parts: a necessary cereal and "zirvak" or, as it is also called, "gara". The bulk of the most often consists of rice, but also can be used corn, wheat, peas. Zirvak can consist of meat, fish, game, vegetables, dried fruits and spices, as well as pieces of minced meat wrapped in grape leaves. The main thing is to pick the right kind of rice before you start cooking pilaf. This is done to make the dish crumbly, but in no case stuck together. The best way for the preparation of plov is the unpolished rice, which contains the B vitamins necessary for the normalization of the nervous system. The composition of pilaf includes nutrients such as animal and vegetable proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Carrots, which are inseparable from plov, contain beta-carotene, which our body needs for normal visual perception. pilaf in pots

The opinion of a nutritionist about pilaf with chicken

The rice contains starch-protein mucus, whichenvelops the stomach, and therefore it is useful in gastritis and stomach disorders. Also in rice are many trace elements, such as potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Onion, which everyone likes to add to pilaf, is rich in vitamins A, B, C, potassium, calcium and magnesium. And it stimulates the appetite and reduces swelling. The same chicken meat does not differ in content of cholesterol from beef meat. The most dietary product is white boiled chicken meat. Pilaf from a chicken in a pot is useful for people who are undernourished and for people whose diet lacks vitamins, carbohydrates, and microelements. If a person suffers from such diseases as diabetes, atherosclerosis, if he has a sick liver, pancreas, a sick stomach, then it is not recommended to eat this dish. For children under the age of five, pilaf is recommended in limited quantities. If you use this pilaf, and it is high-calorie, 150 grams per day, this will not affect the change in body weight. But in no case can it be included in the diet for weight loss, since it contains many animal proteins. And fry best on refined sunflower or olive oil or melted butter to prevent the formation of carcinogens, which are harmful to health. delicious pilaf in chicken with chicken

How to cook pilaf in pots

When you cook some dish in the oven inpots, it is very convenient for the housewife, since you do not need to be distracted by the fact that you mix, and be afraid that it will burn. Consider two recipes for cooking pilaf from a chicken in a pot. To prepare this dish, we take a glass of rice and two glasses of water, chicken fillet; but if it is not, then chicken thigh or chicken leg and remove the meat from them so that there are no bones; for roasting we need one bulb and one carrot. And also prepare vegetable oil, salt and spices, such as saffron, zira or curry. The number of products each hostess chooses herself, it all depends on the preferences in the family. Spices are also chosen depending on taste preferences. So, we start to cook. The rice must first be rinsed in water and, if desired, soaked for about thirty minutes in hot water. Then the roast is made of carrots and onions. To do this, mine and clean the vegetables, then the carrots must be grated on a large grater, and chop the onion finely. After that, fry the roast in vegetable oil until golden brown. If you love, that meat was not only stewed, it must be fried in advance, but before that cut into small pieces. For the first variant of cooking our pilaf in pots, in equal quantities, we put fig. Then fill it with water, remembering that the ratio of rice and water - 1: 2. From above on rice we spread equally chopped chicken meat, salt and add spices. After this, put in a non-heated oven for about thirty minutes, closing the pots with lids. Why in a non-heated oven? Because ceramic dishes can not be put in a preheated oven, but only in a cold oven. After half an hour we take out the pots from the oven and add the roast. Then again put in the oven, after five minutes turn it off and keep our pots, not getting out of the oven, another ten minutes. Everything, our first variant of the pilau is ready, pleasant appetite. Let's turn to the second variant of cooking a delicious pilaf. Chicken meat we cut into pieces and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Then we prepare the prepared meat and the prepared roast equally in pots. We spread rice from above, also in equal quantities. and fill it with water, again not forgetting the ratio of rice and water 1: 2. Water poured so that not to mix rice with other ingredients, i.e. he must be at the very top. After that, add salt and add spices to taste. Cover the pots with lids and leave in a cold oven for half an hour. Then turn off the oven and leave our dish to go. That's all, a pleasant appetite.