how to cook a delicious pilaf with mushrooms When the mushroom season comes, on our tablethere are delicious dishes - mushrooms fried, pickled, salted. Unfortunately, much less often we cook pilaf with mushrooms, and, meanwhile, this recipe will help to diversify our menu for a lean table, it is ideal for women watching their figure, as well as for vegetarians. Traditional pilaf is made from fatty varieties of meat - lamb or pork, so many women are forced to abandon this dish because of its high calorie content. Pilaf with mushrooms is absolutely devoid of this shortcoming, as mushrooms are low in calories themselves, and they are not based on animal fat, but on vegetable oil. On its taste, the absence of fat does not affect, on the contrary, mushrooms give it a wonderful taste and aroma. Prepare such a dish you can not only in the mushroom season, but at any time of the year, since it is the tastiest of all it comes from champignons, and they are always on sale.

We cook a culinary masterpiece

How to cook mushroom pilaf? The recipe is simple. We take large onions and carrots, mine, we clean, grind and pass them on vegetable oil. Champignons are cleaned, my, cut into small pieces and fry until half cooked. Mix mushrooms with vegetables, spread out in kozanok, add washed rice, salt, pepper, to taste add spices - turmeric, saffron. Pour boiling water into the kazanok in proportion to rice 2: 1 and put on a small fire. When rice absorbs almost all the water, you can bring the pilaf to the ready in the oven. In the finished pilaf with mushrooms to taste we add greenery - parsley or dill, and to add to it piquancy, in still raw rice, before adding boiling water, put a few cleaned cloves of garlic. The number of products depends on the number of eaters - enough for a family of 4-5 people 0.5 kg of mushrooms and 1.5-2 glasses of rice. If you want to cook pilaf from forest mushrooms, fresh or frozen, do not forget to boil them beforehand, soak the mushrooms in milk before boiling. Mushroom broth is used for cooking pilaf. delicious pilaf with mushrooms

Variations of cooking pilaf

You can diversify this recipe if you cookmushroom pilaf with vegetables, for example, add canned corn or green peas. By season in this recipe you can add Bulgarian pepper, eggplant, tomatoes, pumpkin. To do this, vegetables should be washed, if necessary, cleaned, cut into small cubes and put out in oil. Adding vegetables to pilaf will enrich our diet with vitamins, increase nutritional and digestibility of food. If you want to cook pilaf with mushrooms for children, do not put garlic and do not overdo with spices - children more like the natural taste of foods. But you can spare no vegetables, even if the child does not like them, with plov it will eat them more than usual. By the way, vegetables can be added to ordinary, meat, pilaf. In the "children's" plov recipe, you can add dried fruits - raisins, prunes, dried apricots, a light sourish appears in the dish, it may be to your child's liking. But remember, for children under 3 years old pediatricians do not recommend eating mushrooms, even mushrooms, so be careful. Prepare for your loved ones a variety of dishes, cook them with love, so that your children will remember the special "mother" flavor of the house for life.