goose recipe in a multivariate In the Christmas holidays I want to pleasethemselves and their loved ones with different delicacies. A good tradition to cook on December 24 such a luxurious dish, like a goose with apples, has more than one century. In our country geese are cooked quite seldom. This is due, first, to the fact that the goose is a fairly high-calorie product that contains a lot of fat, and secondly, in order to roast the goose, especially the middle-aged goose, it will take quite a long time (4-5 hours). However, despite the calorie content, goose meat contains vitamins A, B, C, several kinds of useful amino acids that stimulate growth and development of a person, promote immunity, improve brain function and even improve mood. This means that the goose must necessarily and not too often, but still eat. With regard to long cooking, now there is an excellent opportunity to reduce it thanks to the multivark - a modern multi-function device. Multivar can not only boil goose meat, but also put it out or fry. Therefore, the landlady, having tried the goose once cooked in this miracle crockery, will certainly try to make it herself using a new method of cooking goose. Means, this tasty and useful meat will be on the table not only for Christmas or for great holidays, but also for a regular day off. What is the recipe to use to cook a goose in a multivariate? goose with apples in a multivark

The recipe for a Christmas goose with apples and prunes

Since the goose is a Christmas dish, it costsFirst, prepare it according to a traditional recipe. The following ingredients will be needed to create this culinary masterpiece: the main ingredient is a plucked goose carcass weighing no more than 3 kg to fit in a multivariate, salt, spices (ground pepper and marjoram), sunflower or olive oil to grease a bird and a bowl of multi- ready broth from goose giblets or chicken - 350 ml. For the filling you will need sour apples (antonovka) - 4-5 pcs. and 150 gr. prunes. If the whole goose is bought in the store, the gourd must be gutted at home. From the giblets you can boil the broth, adding salt and pepper. If you have already bought a gutted bird, then it must first be washed and dried. The next step is cutting off excess fat from the carcass. Next, you need to make the goose more accurate. To do this, on the neck, you need to tuck the skin inside and fix it with toothpicks. Carcass of a young bird should be rubbed on the outside and inside with salt and spices, and then cover it with a food film and put in the refrigerator for 10 hours (usually at night) so that the meat is fragrant. If the bird is already middle-aged, its meat will need to be marinated. There are several ways to do this.

  • Coat the goose carcass with a mixture of honey and mustard (ratio 1: 2 tablespoons).
  • Cover the goose with mayonnaise.
  • Scald 1 lemon with boiling water, then cut itcircles. Rubbed with salt and pepper carcass put in a capacious container, overlay the bird with lemon slices and pour a bottle of dry white wine. After that, cover with a film.
  • Goose must stay in the refrigerator under anymarinade for at least 10 hours. The next day, the filling is being prepared. Apples for it are washed, seeds and core are removed from them. Fruits are cut into large slices. Prunes are washed and dried, cut half. Apples and prunes need to be mixed and filled with filling goose abdomen. The filling should not be rammed so that the abdomen does not burst. The stuffed goose is sewn with a thread or flushes with toothpicks. The wings and legs of the bird are bound together by a strong thread - so the carcass becomes more compact for a multivark. Then the goose is smeared with sunflower or olive oil. It is recommended to prick the skin on the breast and legs with a toothpick so that during the baking, excess fat is burned out. Multivarochnaya container lubricated with vegetable oil. It is laid down prepared goose carcass. The multivarker is closed with a lid. The "frying" mode is turned on and the meat is baked. When it starts to brown, you need to add broth to it and change the regime to "quenching". The timer is set to 1-1.5 hours, depending on the type of multivark. At this time you can forget about the bird and do other things. After a beeping signal that the meat is ready, you should get the goose out of the multivark and, placing it on a beautiful dish, submit it to the festive table. goose in a multivark in sauce

    Goose stuffed with sauerkraut and champignons

    An excellent filling for geese is cabbage, towhich can add vegetables and mushrooms. To prepare this stuffed dish you will need a carcase of a medium goose, 600-700 gr. sauerkraut, 3-4 pcs. onions, 2 pcs. carrots, 150 gr. champignons, salt, sour cream and cumin to taste, vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l. The young goose carcass is washed, dried. Next, the filling is prepared. The onions are peeled from the husks, shredded. Carrots should be grated on a large grater. Vegetables are fried in a frying pan with the addition of vegetable oil. Cabbage is squeezed from the juice, mushrooms are washed and cut into pieces. Then cabbage and champignons are added to vegetables and stewed in a frying pan for 15 minutes. Prepared filling filled with goose carcass, sewed. On top of the goose you need to cover with a mixture of cumin, sour cream and salt and put it in the multivark. Set the baking mode to 1.5-2 hours. Several times during cooking, you need to open the lid of the multivarker and water the goose with the juice. The dish turns sour-sweet and very juicy.

    Goose stewed with potatoes

    A goose is being prepared in a multivariate, not only as a wholeform, but also pieces. This easy recipe can be prepared quickly not only on Sunday, but on weekdays for dinner. For the dish you need goose carcass, 6-8 potatoes, 2 onions, 2-3 cloves of garlic, 2 tsp. seasonings for pilaf, salt and 1-2 tbsp. l. sunflower oil. Poultry meat is washed, cut into portions. Onions are shredded, garlic finely chopped, potatoes are cleaned and cut into 4 parts. In a bowl multivarka is poured vegetable oil, put pieces of goose. Meat is cooked for an hour in the "quenching" mode. Then vegetables, seasoning and salt are added to it. The "baking" mode is turned on, and the dish is cooked for another 30-40 minutes. A fragrant goose with potatoes can be served to the table. stewed in red wine goose

    Goose stewed in red wine

    Another simple recipe for cooking goose. This dish can be prepared as a piece, or as a whole. The prescription will require goose meat or 1-1.5 kg of goose, 2 onions, 2 tbsp. l. gt; oil, 90 gr. discharge. oil, 0.5 liters of chicken broth and 0.5 liters of red wine, 7-8 peas of black pepper and half a spoonful of nutmeg. If you are thinking of cooking a goose entirely, then the carcass is washed, dried and rubbed with salt and ground pepper. If the dish is a la carte, you do not need to rub the pieces with salt and pepper. Butter fits in the multivark and melts with the addition of nutmeg. Then a goose or pieces of goose is put in the bowl. Meat is roasted in the "baking" mode until the formation of a beautiful golden crust. Finely chopped onion along with pea pepper is added to the goose, all the ingredients are poured into the broth with the wine. After this, the multi-veg mode "game" is established, and the dish is stewed for about an hour. Finished goose or pieces of birds spread on the dish. Boiled rice and raw vegetables are served as a side dish: tomatoes, peppers. There are many recipes for goose dishes, which can be prepared in a multivariate. Each of them thanks to the desire of the hostess and the efforts of a modern and reliable device - multivark - will turn out delicious and tender. And the time of its preparation in miracle-ware instead of 4-5 hours will be only 1.5 hours.