delicious spaghetti It is known that every national cuisine hastheir distinctive, unique, unique and very tasty dishes. The recipe for cooking each of them has its own secrets and features. Each year a rating of the most popular and useful cuisines of the world is made. Among all other very famous and loved by many Italian cuisine. A bright representative of Italian national dishes is pasta. Pasta is understood as almost all flour products, in particular macaroni. Their recipes are varied. Spaghetti is the most common dish. In modern culinary art there is a great variety of varied and delicious recipes with spaghetti. Thanks to this pasta, each hostess can feel like a real Italian chef. After all, they have a number of advantages, the most important of which are utility, quick and easy preparation, good compatibility with almost all types of products. Italian pasta with sauce

Features and varieties of spaghetti

These famous pasta are known since1842 year. In Italy they are the basis of many dishes. There is a whole museum in which hundreds of kinds of dishes are presented with this particular ingredient. This is truly a symbol of the country. The main secret of cooking is a sauce, the number of recipes of which exceeds tens of thousands. Thanks to him, spaghetti can be dessert: with a sauce of nuts, berries or fruit. And also can act as a main dish: with vegetable, meat or fish sauce. Without difficulty they can be cooked with mussels or oranges, with mushrooms, with vegetables and cheese, meatballs, ham, lemon. Whether it's recipes from Bolognese, Carbonara or Pesto is not so important. The main thing is that it will definitely be delicious. As the sauce in its different performances each time gives a piquant taste of this dish. best pasta recipes

The best and delicious recipes

We give examples of the most unusual, buteasy enough to cook and have excellent taste. The ability to cook them is always useful in special cases, when it is necessary to surprise the guests, to please their relatives, to arrange a festive and hearty supper. Most spaghetti recipes often require products such as salt, pepper, alcohol, fruit juice, greens, cream, garlic, butter, as well as ingredients for the sauce in addition to the basic set of ingredients.

  • With shrimps

Composition: romaine lettuce, shrimp, butter, cream, tomato paste, cognac, spices. Boil 300 g of spaghetti. Cut salad and put out in oil. Shrimp (200 g) fry in oil, add salt. Sauce: 1 tsp. of tomato paste mixed with 3 tablespoons. cognac, add 400 ml of cream and simmer for about 5 minutes. Add salt, pepper. In the sauce, add lettuce and shrimp. Stew for 2 minutes. Mix the resulting sauce and spaghetti.

  • With eggplant and tomatoes

Composition: eggplant, olive oil, tomato sauce, garlic, onions, oregano, spices, sugar, dry red wine. Eggplant (1 piece), cut into strips of salt, put on a baking sheet and leave for half an hour. After washing, dry and put out in olive oil. Onions (1 pc.) And three cloves of garlic, fry, add tomato sauce (2 tbsp.) And wine (1/4 tbsp.). Bring to a boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Season 1 tsp. sugar, salt, pepper and oregano. Lay the eggplant and continue extinguishing. Boiled spaghetti mixed with the resulting sauce.

  • With zucchini and nut sauce

Composition: onion, garlic, vegetable oil, cream, vegetable broth, ground nuts, zucchini, orange juice, spices. Onion and clove garlic finely chopped and put out in oil. Add the cream (100 ml), broth (200 ml), nuts (100 g) and bring to a boil. Combine with spices to taste and orange juice (2-3 tablespoons). Two small zucchini cut into strips. In almost to the end boiled spaghetti add zucchini, cook for about 1 minute, recline on a sieve, lay out and pour with nut sauce.

  • With smoked meat

Composition: red onion, olive oil, smoked meat, Adyghe cheese, hard cheese, vegetable broth, spices, sherry, basil. Sliced ​​onions (450 g) put out in oil. Add spices, sherry (2 tablespoons), simmer for 8 minutes. Adygei cheese (200 g) is mixed with a solid (45 g) and added to the prepared mass. Pour in vegetable broth (250 ml), bring to a boil, add spices. Lay the boiled spaghetti, pour over the sauce, decorate with slices of meat and basil.

  • With oranges and almonds

Composition: margarine, orange slices, tangerine slices, milk, almonds, cinnamon. Melt margarine (1 tablespoon) and mix with spaghetti. Fry half a glass of minced almonds in 1 tbsp. margarine. Add milk (1/4 items), 1 tbsp. orange and tangerine slices, almonds to spaghetti. Mix well, sprinkle with cinnamon. Dishes are best served in a freshly prepared form, then they are even more appetizing and incredibly tasty. All recipes can be improved independently, experimenting with ingredients, spices and other additives.