simple recipe for beef stroganoff What to cook when the guests are already on the threshold, andthe choice of food is not that great? Very simple and fast in cooking is considered beef stroganoff from pork. Initially, the beef stroganoff was prepared exclusively from beef, but later it was also prepared from pork. The cooking time of the dish is significantly reduced, the meat is juicy and soft. How is this dish prepared and what is the recipe for beef stroganoff from pork? Beef Stroganoff is a meat dish in a tomato-sour cream sauce. Stroganoff is perfectly combined with boiled potatoes, as well as rice, so it is usually served with these garnishes. This dish can decorate a festive table or vary everyday. BEF is prepared quickly and very simply, and the ingredients are used at a minimum. By the way, you can depart from the classic recipe for beef stroganoff and replace some ingredients. So, for example, sour cream can be replaced with cream, the result will be no worse, the meat will get even more creamy taste and will become even more tender. So, the recipe for cooking such an interesting dish requires the use of the following ingredients:

  • meat of pork - 600 g;
  • onion - 2-3 pcs .;
  • tomato paste - 2-3 tbsp. l .;
  • cream 20% - 200 g;
  • flour - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • butter - 100 g;
  • salt and pepper to taste;
  • greens of parsley, dill, or basil for decoration.

If your refrigerator contains these simple products, you can safely go to cooking. delicious beef stroganoff from pork

Cooking process

For the preparation of beef stroganoff perfectly suiteda low-fat piece of pork, preferably a tenderloin. Meat must be cut into thin slices 1 cm thick. You can also pre-beat pork meat with a special hammer on both sides. This is done to make it even more gentle and softer and easily absorbed into the sauce. After the meat is sliced, it is necessary to fry it on a preheated frying pan with melted butter. Meanwhile, the onions are cut into half rings, which is added to the meat. After the onions and meat are lightly browned, you can season them with salt, scented black pepper (preferably freshly ground) to taste. Now you can add tomato paste to the frying pan. It is necessary to mix it thoroughly with meat and onions. By the way, if you suddenly did not have cream, you can use ordinary sour cream and even fatty milk. But in this case, before adding tomato paste to the pan, it is worth adding a tablespoon of flour to the meat, stirring and frying carefully so that there are no lumps. After the tomato paste is added, it is possible to pour a portion of cold cream into the frying pan. All together, we mix well and give some time for the mass to thicken. After the mass in the pan became thick, add the remaining cream there, reduce the fire. So, we give the meat a little to put out. Beef stroganoff from pork can be considered ready. beef stroganoff with garnish

How and with what to submit

As it turned out, the recipe for beef stroganoff is veryuncomplicated. As mentioned above, Beef Stroganoff is perfectly combined with potatoes, which must be pre-boiled, or it can be cooked with mashed potatoes, as well as with rice. Ready dish before serving should be decorated with dill or parsley greens, perfectly with meat and basil. Garnish does not require additional dressing and sauce, because in the dish itself it is a lot. Garnish is recommended to cook in advance, because the meat must be served on the table hot. The preheated dish will differ to taste from freshly prepared. Perfectly combine this dish with vegetables, red wine and black bread. This dish will certainly please your home and guests. Try, experiment, include imagination. We wish you a pleasant appetite.