Personal diary For a long time, among girls, girls and not quiteyoung ladies retained the tradition of recording their thoughts in a diary. A personal diary is a window into our soul, our understanding and confidential interlocutor. By keeping a diary, we can give an outlet to our feelings, which we hide from everyone. We can entrust our diary to our innermost thoughts, without fear of someone's condemnation or censure. We can talk about important events for us, without making excuses or feeling guilty. Alone with the diary, you can remain yourself, and he becomes our friend, who with softness, compassion and deep understanding allows us to go through all life's trials. On the question of how to keep a personal diary, it is impossible to give an exact answer, since this is a purely personal process, which is determined only by our own thoughts, ideas and desires. And yet we want to give you some tips on how to keep a personal diary: how to make it and beautifully design what to write in it and how to properly keep a personal diary. personal diary

What diary to get?

In order to keep the diary reallyit was a pleasure to consider and take into account some of the nuances. How do you find it more convenient to record? Decide how you want to keep your diary. Will you make notes on paper, or is it more convenient for you to make a diary in electronic form? Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should weigh the pros and cons and determine what would be preferable for you. For example, in a diary-notebook you can make a record, being anywhere. Such a diary does not need electricity, and it can be supplemented with hand-drawn illustrations. In it you can not only write something, but attach letters or notes received from someone, valentines, theater tickets and other memorable "souvenirs" to your heart. On the other hand, for any modern girl writing text can be easier and faster on an electronic medium, and decorated with such a diary can be in its own way original and interesting. Both types of diary can be tried to hide from prying eyes. However, it is quite obvious that it is easier to make a personal diary on a computer inaccessible than a paper diary. Decide which kind of diary you would like to lead. You could use a diary to just write down all your thoughts that come to your mind. And you can make your diary focused on some specific topic. Personal diaries of girls can be very different. Traveler's Diary In such a diary you can record your impressions of travel and rest during holidays. You can not just describe everything that you see, but also record your impressions and emotions from what you saw, thoughts that visited you during your travels. Diary of a young mother Start a diary dedicated to your child - not just a good idea. This is very correct, since this undertaking, after all, will prove to be very useful. You will have a wonderful opportunity to save all of his drawings, strands of shorn hair, outlined silhouettes of the handle or legs. You can record funny words and expressions of your baby, as well as keep a record of sweet and memorable events that occur as your child grows up. Subsequently, thanks to this diary, it will be very interesting to see how your baby has grown and started to see the world in a different way. Diary of ideas This is your kind of secretary, who will always remind you of what you do not want to forget. It can write down all the ideas and thoughts that can come to your mind at any time and in any place. Ideas can be useful for business, for invention, for creativity, and you can return to their implementation at a more appropriate time. It is desirable that such a personal diary is small in size, so that it is convenient to always carry it with you. Diary-memo If it is convenient to write about your plans in the diary of ideas, then in the diary-memo you can record all events, meetings, conversations that have already happened. If these events are really important for you, if you want to keep memory about them, then you simply need to have a diary. In addition, you will be able to track and analyze how your life priorities change. Diary-interlocutor My personal diary is my friend. So you can say about the diary-interlocutor. This is the diary that will reflect your soul. Very often he helps to understand his thoughts and emotions, helps to find the right decision in difficult situations. In addition, it is such an interlocutor that you can trust absolutely everything that will never reproach you and always give an opportunity to speak. Of course, there can be many options, and each diary can contain separate elements of different types of diaries.

How to record

Keeping a personal diary is an activity thatrequires systematic. Depending on the type of diary, you can write in it and several times a day, and several times a year. But in any case, the diary should be filled only in the appropriate setting and in the appropriate mood. Create a comfortable environment for "communication" with the diary. Find a place where no one can stop you. Making entries in your personal diary requires seclusion, backstage and even intimacy. No one should suddenly break your silent conversation with the diary, interrupt the course of your thoughts and the flow of words. It's great if you have your own room, but it's also important to find a place where you will be especially comfortable. Try writing at a table or in a chair. Or maybe you can easily express your thoughts by climbing with your feet on the sofa? Or maybe a special mood will help create a flickering candle flame? Look for a place in your room where it will be most convenient for you to write. The feeling of comfort can depend on the time of day. Someone better think and write in the afternoon, in the sun-drenched room, and someone most comfortable and pleasant finds a corner in the night kitchen. Find the most suitable for yourself mode of work with the diary. Some girls record in a diary make for themselves an obligatory task. If you start recording every day, even without the proper mood, then soon you will feel instead of the desire to write only a strong irritation. Do not impose any obligations on yourself. Records are best done only when you yourself feel this need. Someone has something to write every day, and someone can not take the diary in a few months. Even if the whole year did not want to write anything - then so be it! Above all, do not forget that just when you feel depressed, harassed, exhausted with happiness or an overflowing of ideas, a new record in the cherished diary can be an ideal way for you to splash emotions. Relax. Personal diaries allow you to be alone with yourself. They allow you to be what you want to be, and not what you need to be. Therefore, do not put too much effort to observe all the formalities necessary for the rest of the time. Forget about the time of grammar, spelling or other perfection of your diary. The desire not to miss and correct any mistake will distract you from your deepest thoughts, and you will not be able to use your record in order to comprehend and understand what worries you with it. how to keep a personal diary

The Benefits of a Personal Diary

Every girl always has some problems. Unfortunately, you can not always share them with everyone. And the practice of psychological counseling is not common here. Yes, it will not be very convenient for a girl to go with her maiden problems to adults, who can not count this problem. Well, in that case, use a diary to work with your problems. A personal diary is the first tool to help you solve complex issues. In the diary you can throw out your anger, rage, jealousy, all your negative emotions. And he will not judge you, he will not cry out, he will not begin to curse you. And most importantly - the diary will not read the notations. He will take everything from you - the most angry curses, the most tearful complaints, the most hysterical claims. The great thing is that, by splashing out your emotions in one place, you will not feel the need to spill them out elsewhere. You can get a breather to re-read the notes and try to see your emotions with other eyes. Perhaps you will understand that you were wrong; and a diary that made it possible to give vent to frustration and anger helped you avoid a real conflict that you might regret later. To start to conduct the personal diary will be useful also to those who in any way can not self-organize. If you are unable to force yourself, for example, to observe the regime of the day, do gymnastics or perform any other intended goals, then an assistant for you will become a diary of ideas. Write about your plans and interesting ideas, and then have the opportunity to analyze your own achievements or what prevented their implementation. This is a tempting idea for any girl.

Do not forget about safety

You must be sure that your diary is notfall into the wrong hands. If this probability is not ruled out, you will not be able to really express yourself in your entries. In addition, the diary can jeopardize your relationships with others if you in a fit of anger want to write everything that you think about them at that moment. Therefore, it is necessary not only to hide a notebook with confidential records, but the very fact of keeping a diary should not be advertised. Otherwise, nothing will prevent too curious brothers or sisters from keeping you under surveillance, and even older adults are seldom able to keep from looking into the secret corners of your soul. Try to protect yourself in advance from outside interference by writing at the very beginning of your diary an appeal to a possible "burglar". Something like this: "Before you read other people's secret thoughts, think about how you would feel if you were in his place." And if you are not afraid of publicity, but, on the contrary, want to convey your thoughts to as many readers as possible, it will be correct to write in an online diary. Such a service of maintaining personal blog diaries is widely represented on the Internet. There are similar opportunities in some social networks, and on special sites of the blogosphere. And you can not just create your own personal blog, but also design it beautifully with the help of ready-made templates, some of which are designed specifically for girls.

After months and years ...

If you from time to time re-read yourthen you will undoubtedly be able to notice how your thoughts, feelings, attitude towards people and events, perception of the world and life changed with the passage of time. You will see how from one record to another you have become more aware of the actions of people, how your dreams and aspirations have changed. You can better assess your shortcomings and dignity, your weaknesses and strengths. This observation of yourself as if from the outside will help to see your internal blocks that interfere with personal growth. And once again your faithful friend will help you to make work on your mistakes. Do not miss this opportunity - keep your diary and use it to evaluate your journey through life! The main thing is to start, and you will succeed!