image of a business person Many of the fairer sex seekmake a good career. And such a goal simply requires that a woman has the image of a business person and the reputation of a strong lady. Without these factors, all ambitions can be empty hopes. In appearance, a frivolous lady simply will not be trusted with the solution of serious questions, no matter what business abilities she does not possess. Appearance is a great thing! After all, it is he who initially influences the attitude of others around us and it is from him that the further reputation of a woman in this or that sphere depends. If the image does not meet the requirements of the environment, then it will take a very long time to prove that you are perfectly suited to this environment. It costs both time and effort. How to create a business image so that where it is required, we are accepted with favor and trust?

Psychological factors of image formation

The image of a business person is not just mannersa certain kind, an adequate style of clothing and a suitable vocabulary. A very big role in creating a reputation is played by psychological factors of image formation. After all, most of the information about the other person we get through non-verbal channels. The first impression can have a significant impact on the future fate. For example, if you suddenly did not like the first date or when you are hiring, you may lose the opportunity to further deal with the person who impresses you, and career prospects. But we only have one chance to make the first positive impression! According to researchers, during the first meeting with a person a fairly stable opinion about him is created in just six seconds of communication. And the impression is postponed on the unconscious level. The one with whom we intend to communicate unconsciously assimilates our emotional state. Consciousness also evaluates the verbal aspects: the appearance of a person, the features of his behavior, the timbre of the voice, the specifics of expressions, and so on. These aspects, though rather weighty, still play in the perception of others secondary meaning - if desired, they are quite easy to change. But with a non-verbal perception is much more difficult. Usually we ourselves do not know to the end what non-verbal signals we send to others. And it is these signals that create the dominant idea, and are very important for those who think about the question, how to create their image of a business person? How to make sure that the reputation was at the highest level? Often it happens that, thinking through the image, we do not pay enough attention to our internal state. As a result, the efforts made to create your own image may be in vain. Yes, trying to create a business person, we will correctly select accessories and style of clothes for him, yes, we will change our vocabulary and manners ... But if we ignore the work on the internal state, we will not be perceived in the proper way. Or they will receive, but superficially. And the reputation will be spoiled, and not fully revealed. For example, it will not be enough to put on a strict suit and develop the necessary manners of behavior. Before, it is necessary to develop an inner spirit for serious employment by one or another type of business. If you are more inclined towards windbleness and frivolous attitude to your duties, than any sense of responsibility, no costumes and manners will help you gain prestige in a business environment. Because inner carelessness will certainly manifest itself in some kind of machine gestures, involuntary pose, and unconscious movements. All this, perceived by others at a non-verbal level, will settle in them doubts about your reliability, ability to solve set tasks and assess the situation. In short, before you consider external methods of image formation, you should conduct a thorough analysis of your own self and highlight the most appropriate features in this image. The reputation of a business person consists of self-confidence, firmness and the ability to make independent decisions. If these features are expressed rather poorly, then you need to work on yourself and develop the necessary qualities of character. And in the event that they are not available at all ... Well, then do not break yourself, because not all women need to be a business lady! The uniqueness of the person is priceless, and the biggest problems of image formation arise precisely when we try to adapt this uniqueness to some stereotypes. Therefore, if we do not really have business inclinations, then why should we break ourselves? Why not think about methods of forming an image, for example, a creative person or even a glamorous socialite? But, if you are obsessed with the idea of ​​becoming a business lady, but inside you feel defenseless, weak and excessively feminine, you will have to develop the necessary traits in yourself. This is a painstaking and long work, but without it the reputation of a business man will remain an unrealizable dream. business image

Rules for the formation of the image

The image of a business person begins, in the first placeturn, with an adequate analysis of itself and its capabilities. At the same time, it is necessary, without self-deception, to try to see your own personality in all its colorful versatility and true form. This will help to find a fulcrum. Then, according to the rules of image formation, one should find the best way to provide oneself to others as a business woman. This method must include both material and non-material factors. It needs to be carefully thought out - this is necessary for success in the future career. In particular, you need to accurately determine both the color and texture of the fabric of business clothes, which will give an authoritative look in which you will feel most comfortable. And a variety of inherent to the image of accessories. In addition, it is necessary to work out the appropriate style of behavior and manner of conversation. Yes, it is from such seemingly unimportant factors that the necessary reputation develops. The rules for the formation of the image of a business woman imply that by following them, she will become more communicative, confident and active. This will help build a positive relationship in society and will allow to emphasize personal and business qualities, while obscuring some shortcomings. Following the rules, the future business woman acquires psychological confidence in communicating with people representing different social statuses. Ways to form an image can be different. If you are sufficiently suggestible, it will not be too difficult to develop the qualities of a character appropriate to the situation. You just need to choose one of the simple methods of psychological correction. Developed them now is quite a lot, and finding the right kind will not be difficult. However, you can not choose - if you are inclined to think about your actions, then you can invent your own reception of this kind. This is reasonable, because along with the development of other qualities of character will stimulate and so necessary in the business world quality - ingenuity. One of the common methods of forming an image suggests to get used to the image of a business woman. Daily dressing in a strict suit, making an appropriate image of make-up and using the necessary for professional use of accessories and objects. At the same time, we should try to show our true female essence in behavior as little as possible. We teach her to hide and not to remind her of her presence to the place and out of place. Open and regular demonstration of femininity in the work process is not expedient, it makes women weak and vulnerable. And the reputation of a business lady does not accept these qualities. Thus, even if there is softness and tenderness in your character, eventually they will go to the background, giving way to business qualities. And it will fully comply with all the laws of creating the image of a business lady. A well-formed image is a guarantee that in a business environment among others it will cause only a positive attitude and unconscious approval. After all, your appearance will fully meet the ideas of people about the ideal image of the profession. In general, the image of a business person consists of several stages.

Stages of image formation

What are the stages of image formation? They are based on such principles as:

  • Representation of the society about the personality traits of a person engaged in a particular activity;
  • Representation of a person about the world around him, his lifestyle, his social status and some psychological aspects of society;
  • The idea of ​​a person about himself, based on his life experience and the current internal state. About their moral values, internal culture and psychological attitudes;
  • Understanding that information about a personcomes to others not only through visual channels. And that our appearance, manner of behavior, level of knowledge can not yet serve as a guarantee that the reputation among others will be necessary;
  • A great role in the formation of this impression is played by a non-verbal message unconsciously fixed in the form of almost the most significant information about a person.

In a word, we can say that creating an imagebusiness person is the development of a collective, generalized image that will maximally reveal the qualities of character necessary for success in this or that kind of activity. In this image must certainly be present such personality traits as:

  • Professional culture and competence;
  • Communication skills;
  • Goodwill;
  • Ability to influence people of different psychological types;
  • Ability to keep distance in relations with people (in particular, not to allow manifestations of familiarity in business communication);
  • Unobtrusive energy;
  • Ability to attract interest and sympathy.

In addition, the reputation of a business woman depends andfrom a sense of style and sense of proportion. So, if you intend to look like a successful business woman, allow yourself a catchy make-up, some creative hairstyle, an abundance of expensive jewelry and cheeky manners, all your efforts to create a business image will be futile. Therefore, make sure that nothing in your appearance goes beyond the bounds of the permissible: practice gestures, gait and do not allow excesses in appearance. In general, the stages of the image design can include such items as:

  • Studying of own psychological possibilities;
  • Adequate assessment of their physical data;
  • Identification of their personal qualities necessary for successful work in a particular area of ​​business;
  • Development of these qualities with the help of means appropriate to this development;
  • Selection of appropriate attributes of the modern business person attributes: clothes, accessories and other things;
  • Checking the effectiveness of your image in practice.

This, perhaps, the main factors necessary to ensure that the reputation of a business woman was on top. And now let's sum up. image of a modern business person

The image of a business man. What it is?

In today's world for successful businessthe formation of the image of a modern business man has become a necessary and indispensable condition. In the society there were certain rules of conformity of appearance and behavior, coordinated with this or that kind of activity. Due to the change in our image, we can direct our lives in one direction or another. For example, in a career of a businessman, his image plays, almost the most significant role. With its help, we easily "fit" into the business community, which contributes to the hope of rapid advancement on the career ladder. And this can well compensate for the internal inconvenience from the blue or gray tones of the classic style of business clothes, if any. The image created according to all rules of image formation should always correspond to the status, time and place. This, of course, does not mean that we always like the image, but all efforts to build it and maintain it usually pay off with interest. The results of a sociological survey of managers and senior executives of different firms show that there is a direct relationship between image and career. In most cases, the preference for hiring is provided to the applicant, who turned out to be the owner of a true image, the significance of which surpasses even the red diploma or the academic degree of the second candidate. At the same time, it is not always possible for a person to produce exactly the impression he would like. And this difference is sometimes quite large. What needs to be done to be completely satisfied with your own image? It is necessary to establish whether your image brings you a benefit. And if not, find ways to improve it. And in order to avoid problems of image formation, starting to create it, it is necessary to take into account such moments as the integrity of the perception of a personal image, the adequacy of self-esteem and the knowledge of the characteristics of its character. You need to carefully think through your image. A positive image is made up of a set of certain characteristics, and therefore its formation needs to be carried out as a clear and step-by-step process. The reputation and positive image of a business irresistible woman is determined by several characteristics. This is a competent speech, good manners, attractive and accurate appearance, confidence and inner freedom, adequate and calm reaction to emotional differences between the interlocutors. An important reason that prevents the manifestation of your real qualities and the realization of opportunities, it may well be an ill-conceived image. Even if it is thought out, and today you are on top, and meet all the high demands placed on modern business people, you should not relax. After all, this may not be enough tomorrow, therefore (for perfection there is no limit) - work on the image should be regular. In creating the image of a modern business person, the importance of every detail is taken into account. In its appearance, such details are the correct combination and selection of the color scale suitable for women in clothing, and the correct choice of the texture of the fabric and silhouette of such clothing, and the selection of accessories, and makeup, and hair, and perfume. All this should perfectly harmonize with each other. As you have already understood, creating an image is a delicate art of great importance. When starting to form an independent business image, you will have to be brave and listen to critical remarks in your address. If you do not get the right amount of courage, it will be better to ask the professionals who will develop your individual style for help. From shoes and hairstyle to behavior. In order for the result to be optimal, it is advisable to choose that specialist-image maker, whom you completely trust. And certainly follow all his advice. We advise you to read: