how to attract luck and money Money is what today rules the world. The one without which modern man does not think his existence. And each of us (well, almost everyone) constantly reflects on how to attract luck and money. Have you paid attention? It is together, not separately. As if one luck does not mean anything ... It's not so - it's just that humanity has long been accustomed to unite it with the availability of finance. Because money gives the possibility of a worthy existence, freedom and power, finally ... It would seem that such money? Plain paper marked with watermarks and given certain functions. And theoretically, each of us can have it in abundance. But in practice, everything looks far from being so optimistic. After all, to someone this paper just sticks, like a magnet, and someone flies away before they get into the hands. And no matter how much you save, no matter how hard you work, money does not stay long, being spent on patching from wherece the holes in the family budget come from. Why is that? Why do not some people even think about how to attract good luck and finance, and other nights do not sleep thinking about how to get money? Let's try to understand this issue.

Correct attitude to money

So what is money, if not ordinary paper withwatermarks? Esotericists believe that they are the energy that some people attract, while others - repel for unknown reasons. So take this postulate on armament, trying to figure out how to learn how to attract luck and money to yourself. After all, what happens? If finances are energy, then they can be managed. To do this successfully, it is necessary first of all to develop a proper attitude to money. This process begins with finding out what and how we think about our own finances, what place in our lives they occupy and what they personify. At the same time, we take into account that money represents energy that is around us and which can be exchanged for some kind of material benefits. And any form of it is subject to some laws. It is so? Conclusion: if you know these laws, then, in accordance with the functions of money, you can make their energy work in the right direction, attracting the necessary funds and luck. How can this be done? First of all, we will try to rebuild our consciousness and learn how to respect finances. Yes, we all want money, and often even treat them with such trepidation, as if it were a beloved person. And we save, and cherish every kopeck, saving literally everything. The energy of money does not tolerate static. She needs action. Otherwise, it will simply freeze, and then explode. This explains the fact that some overly zealous people never become secured. The stagnant energy of money suddenly bursts out of the cage into which you imprisoned it, and disappears in an unknown direction. In reality, this may look like an unforeseen situation that requires large expenditures: illness, accident, job loss and other very unpleasant circumstances. What to do? Really, in order to develop the right attitude to money, you need to spend them thoughtlessly to the right and to the left? Yes, in no event! Then their energy will cease to obey you at all. And the cash flow will leave very quickly, even if it seems to you inexhaustible. Therefore, we choose the golden mean and remember that finance should be respected. Do not hate, do not be afraid of them and do not exalt to heaven. Just respect. To work out the right attitude to money, you need to work hard on yourself and bring yourself to the "here and now" state. That is, do not dream that there will ever be more money, and do not lament over the fact that they were previously spent ineptly. The future is vague, and the past can not be fixed. We live here and now, and at this very moment we must tune in to money. To attract to yourself, you need to determine how much money you need. No, we all, of course, want millions. But this is too general a desire. You also need to specify exactly which amount will suit you, that is how much, in your opinion, will be enough to be able to live comfortably. After all, not everyone can cope with millions. To find out how much money you need, schedule all the basic desires and think out your own development prospects. After all, the success of any person is not something that society imposes on him, but something from which he himself experiences joy. It also happens that the large amounts of money that cause envy among the surrounding people, their owner does not bring any satisfaction. Yes, and the financial means with such owner somehow not at ease, so they on occasion try to leave it. By the way, it is money that perfectly illustrates the interaction of a person with the surrounding world. The way they come to him, how and on what he spends them, how he takes and lets go, how he relates to them, is an indicator of the comfort of existence. Its highest level is the presence of a constant cash flow, which passes through you. The volume of it is not so important, because it depends on the desires and abilities of each person. Value has another, namely - the constancy, present or absent, in the current cash flow to you. If the funds come to your disposal without interruptions and delays, this indicates a correct attitude to money on your part. One of the main factors of the correct interaction with finance is the joy that we experience when we spend it. It is joy, not regret and doubt. Only this feeling determines the amount of money that we need. And if we respect the money, then in such a volume we will always receive them. Why? Everything is very simple. If we rejoice, spending our money to fulfill our desires, we are filled with energy, attracting money. No, of course, they can also accumulate in a sullen, spiteful person. But in this case, wealth will only alienate him from the world, depriving him of the opportunity to ever enjoy life. Conclusion: that the attitude to money was correct, they must be learned to respect and spend with joy. Every ruble should be let go of itself with pleasure as long as this feeling is experienced. Next - stop! Now you can save. However, it should be remembered that the longer we experience such pleasure, the more money we will receive. Therefore, it is necessary to cultivate and develop it, because it turns out that it is profitable to spend the earned money! how to attract money and luck

The technology of attracting luck and money into one's own life

Have learned to respect their own finances in thequantity that you have? Can you part with them without regret? Fine, now you can start developing your own technology, which, if properly applied, attracts more luck and increases cash flow. Remember that this method can work personally for your benefit only on condition of unconditional faith in it, so leave quickly with indecision, drive away doubts and choose from the technologies offered below one that seems most convenient to you, that is, it will find agreement with your personal psychological settings.

  • Visualization of money This method is simple, but notIt will work if you can not concentrate and show a certain restraint. So, first stop guessing where you might suddenly fall from the money. After all, it is understandable that they do not materialize from the air. Just convince yourself that soon you will have additional desired financial means. Every day before going to sleep or in the morning, imagine how to hold the amount you need in your hands. Detail it, try to see what kind of notes it consists of, count them. The same way attracts luck, if it is necessary for you, on a personal or professional front. In details, imagine a person you would like to have as a spouse. Mentally try to see what kind of position you would like to occupy, what duties it assumes. If you are dreaming about your own business, then clearly imagine its direction, detail everything from a personal cabinet to what you plan to do in it. Depending on your perseverance, expect the result within four months.
  • Visualization of property This method is aimed atpurchase of housing, car and other things necessary for a comfortable life. In this case, instead of money, you need to represent what you want to buy for them. For example, a beautiful car. But it is necessary not only to mentally draw a picture of the car - you should imagine yourself as its owner. Therefore, direct your own "film" in your imagination: here you come to the desired car, open the door, get behind the wheel and so on. Any details will only benefit the cause. It will not be superfluous to create the simplest "wish card". To do this, take a sheet of cardboard and paste a few photos on it, which depicts the object of your dreams. Hang this collage so that it as often as possible came across your eyes, and with the help of imagination "revive" it in your thoughts.
  • Magic casket This method is excellentprevious. Take an ordinary box and turn it into a kind of piggy bank, making a small cut on top. Now write on leaflets all your material desires and dreams. In turn, lower them into the slot of the box, accompanying each mental visualization. Try to remember all written desires and every day before going to bed, imagine each of them, without getting from the piggy bank.
  • Symbols that attract money In this caseyou should call for help from the Taoist practice of working with space. Do not be scared, she certainly knows you at least by hearsay, because she is called Feng Shui. And it is not necessary to master all its components. You just need to know that the wealth zone in your house is in the south-west. It should be well lit and free of trash and debris.
  • Put in it an aquarium with six fish, oneof which should be black, and the rest - gold. This, according to the beliefs of the Chinese, attracts money. If this idea is not to your taste, then put in a zone of wealth a living plant with round leaves or a room fountain. You can, after all, hang a picture on the wall with a picture of a waterfall, and next to put a statue of a money frog. to attract money and luck

    Rituals of attracting money and luck

    Those of you who believe in magic can go differentlyway and perform a series of simple rituals, which, according to the esotericists, have the power that attracts wealth and success. Some of them are associated with candles, which you will need two - green and ordinary white. Place them on a table twenty centimeters apart. Now close your eyes and imagine that in place of the white candle - you, and in place of green - money. Now light them with a single match and dream about how much money you need and how you would spend it. Only not in general terms, but specifically and in detail, as in the movie, where you are the main character. After a few minutes, the candles must be extinguished and hidden. Such a ritual should be repeated ten days in a row, and each time you need to put candles a couple of centimeters closer than it was the day before, until they join them together. Be persistent, do not give up. At the end of the full cycle of the ritual, bind the candles with a ribbon of gold color and take care, because now you have created yourself a personal talisman of luck in financial affairs. In order not to waste a lot of money and that they always come back, before you go shopping, get another green candle, light it, put it on the table, and lay out the bills that you plan to pay around. Wait for the flame to reach the middle and extinguish it. Now you can go shopping with the assurance that there will be no rash acquisitions, and the spent will certainly return to you. To always have your own talisman of wealth, use the following method. Find an ordinary seashell and put a coin in it, which is pre-lubricated with bergamot or basil oil. Burn the green candle and let its wax flow into the shell, filling it whole. When it freezes, put the mascot in the secluded pocket of the bag. They say that with his help you can attract large sums of money to yourself. But all the technologies and rituals described above will work only if you believe in your own strength. After all, you should not wait for miracles only, without applying any effort to realize your desires. The energy of wealth and good luck does not like people inert, uninitiated and indecisive. So remember that only you can change your life and bring missing elements to it. After all, any rituals and methods of attracting money work as a promise to the Universe, but only those of us who confidently control their own destiny will get the expected response, rather than swim with the flow, basking in illusions and fruitless dreams. We advise you to read: